Assignment 1: Why Security Is Important To A Business

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Security Overview Security is a growing problem in our technological advanced society, and it is a very important issue in the survival of any business. From small sole trader type of businesses to huge corporations, all are cognizant of one form or another of the vast types of security issues that it potential can face. Security is defined as freedom from risk or danger, which means protection from intentional and malicious acts of others (Gilley, 2009). It is crucial to a business because it affects the operations of the business, and information on how the business operations such as its methods for production or services, physical safety, financial information, employee records, and customer data (Gilley, 2009). Security is essential to businesses because of the complexity of their competitive environment, any breach, compromise, stolen or tampered information or safety risks, the implications can be crucial. However, there are different categories of security, there is physical security which includes keeping the business fixed assets safe from theft
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Accreditation, on the other hand, is the formal declaration by a Designated Accrediting Authority that an information system is approved to operate in a security mode at an acceptable level of risk, based on the implementation of an approve set of guidelines ranging from procedural, technical and managerial safeguards (Nahari, 2011). There are many standards that regulate the security and use of information systems such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a security standard that businesses processing credit card transactions online must comply to. Business must do market research or contact their financial intuitions on finding out what regulatory standards they must adhere to depending on their industry and business operations (Nahari,

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