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  • Advantage Of Wifi Technology

    It uses 868 MHz band in Europe, 915 MHz band in the USA and Australia, and 2.4 GHz in other regions. ZigBee is used for long distance transmission between devices in wireless mesh network. It has low cost, low data transfer rate, short latency time, comparing to WiFi standards. The technology uses the RSS method to estimate the distance between two or more zigbee sensor devices[36] . 2.5.3 Short Distance Wireless Technology Bluetooth Bluetooth is intended to enable short range wireless communication between devices. Bluetooth communicates utilized radio waves with frequencies between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz as WiFi does. Bluetooth concerns the power consumption, it uses a very low transmission power. So the coverage of Bluetooth is shorter than WiFi and other WLAN technology. Hence, Bluetooth is not suitable for localization for large area [37]. Ultra-Wide Band The Federal Communication Commission FCC has determined UWB bandwidth more than 500MHz and carrier frequency larger than 2.5 GHz. A Large bandwidth in UWB due to high speed communication, high…

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  • Walmart Case Study

    3. (Optional) If possible, use electronic presentation software to summarize your findings for management. Improving Decision Making: Using Spreadsheet Software to Evaluate Wireless Services Software skills: Spreadsheet formulas, formatting Business skills: Analyzing telecommunications services and costs You would like to equip your sales force of 35 based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with mobile phones that have capabilities for voice transmission, text messaging, and taking and sending…

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  • Case Study: The Diversity Of User Cooperation

    Chandrasekaran, “Diversity Techniques in Wireless Communication Systems”, Rutgers University, pp. 1-8, 2005. [12.] P. A. Anghel and M. Kaveh, “Exact Symbol Error Probability of a Cooperative Network in a Rayleigh-Fading Environment”, IEEE trans. wireless commun., vol. 3, no. 5, pp. 1416-1421, Sept. 2004. [13.] P. S. Ahmed, “Turbo Multi-Hop Relaying for Cooperative Communications”, Master Thesis, University of Southampton, September 25, 2009. [14.] S. Haykin and M. Moher, Modern…

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  • D2d Communication Case Study

    With the development trend of wireless communication, the main application scenarios of D2D communication in 5G network are as follows: Local service Local service generally can be understood as the user side of the business data is not through the network side (such as the core network) and directly for the local transmission. A typical case of local business is the application of social, social characteristics can be regarded as the application of adjacent D2D technology application based on…

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  • Importance Of Position Location Systems

    MODELING A BLUETOOTH INDOOR LOCATION SYSTEM BASED ON LOCATION FINGERPRINTING 1. INTRODUCTION: Position location systems are becoming increasingly important as add-ons to today’s pervasive wireless technology. Location – aware services are based on some form of positioning techniques. Positioning systems enable context – aware computing with location awareness [1]. Information such as location, group, object that are directly related to an application’s operating environment are often…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of OFDM

    with the signal from an adjacent one. because of scarcity of digital filters it was very difficult to filter closely packed adjacent channels. 2.Multicarrier modulation:- it is not convenient and efficient to transfer a high rate data stream through a channel, the signal is divided into a number of signals over that frequency range. Each of these signals are individually modulated and transmitted over the channel. At the receiver end, these signals are fed to a demux where it is demodulated…

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  • Netgear Case Study

    Netgear All the products manufactured and sold under the name of Netgear are considered to be one of the best options when it comes to high-performance and innovative technology. The producers invest time and money in making smart networking devices without buffering. The Netgear brand offers to its clients products that are meant to improve their lives and offer superior wireless internet connection, speed and streaming. Moreover, the company is dedicated in constantly developing new products…

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  • Wi-Fi Has An Important Role In Wireless Networks

    1. Introduction Today, Wi-Fi plays an important role with connecting users to the digital world. While it remains as the most popular technology for networking, it is crucial to understand the limit of certain wireless protocols and how it works in different situations. The most recent Wi-Fi protocol that this report will focus on is, 802.11ac, also known to be the next generation for wireless networks to be equipped with new technologies that could provide faster speeds, capacity, and range.…

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  • Analysis Of Arduino Genuine Uno

    3.1. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS The project is an Arduino- based project and is based concerning radio frequency according to ship then get hold of the data. The RF transmitter and grantee each work at a 433 MHz to send then get hold of data. We will be adding the use of an ultrasonic, which measures the scale in conformity with an object, through the usage of echo waves. An LCD show choice is aged to show the statistics managed with the aid of the Arduino. The dictation is computerized therefore…

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  • Blackberry's Strategy And Competitive Strategy: Blackberry

    for their product with the expectation that it will be reliable, last several years, and are easy for people to learn how to use. Apple generally target businesses and individuals who are in visual, audio, and other creative professions. Apple is known for their multimedia applications that can create music, movies, and various multimedia presentations (Dilger, 2012). BlackBerry BlackBerry has their own proprietary operating system exclusively for its BlackBerry smartphones and mobile…

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