Wireless networking

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  • Wireless Networking Essay

    1.1 Introduction This chapter will briefly discuss the background of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its use in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). It will also state the Problem Definition, the Aims & Objectives of this project, and the Methodology used to achieve those objectives. In the end, it will present an overview of the dissertation’s layout. 1.2 Background The Internet has made an enormous impact on the world of communications. It has interconnected billions of networking devices all over the world. These devices share information with each other in the form of digital data packets. The networking protocols are responsible for the safe delivery of these packets to their respective destinations. Despite their significance, these protocols have not evolved over the years. They are complex and they restrict innovation. In the current networking environment, network administrators have to configure each device manually by using proprietary commands. Newer policies or protocols cannot be introduced in the network on the fly, while automatic reconfiguration and response mechanisms are almost non-existent. The still…

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  • Vertical Handover Case

    Vertical Handover Abstract: In this era of technology, next generation wireless networks are very popular that allow users to connect to different radio access technologies such as UTMS, WiMax, GSM, etc. In such heterogeneous environment Vertical Handover is executed thus a user can switch among different radio access networks that makes whole process so complex. Vertical Handover algorithms require many parameters such as interference power, QoS, network conditions, terminal capabilities,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wifi

    1. INTRODUCTION Figure: Wi-Fi logo Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wi-Fi is the wireless network that used to connect the internet without wires. It’s based upon the radio technology. Many computers can be connected to each other through Wi-Fi and we can share files data and many of the other things through Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi network operated just like a wired network, but without the restriction of wires, it not only enable user to share the data but it also provide easy connection to the…

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  • Zigbee Technology Analysis

    ABSTRACT This paper basically compares various wireless networking technologies which can be used for industrial automation and sensing. Among all these technologies, special emphasis is given on Zigbee. Zigbee is a technology known for its low power consumption, low data rates, and self-healing reliable networks, which makes it very efficient for industrial applications. The layer by layer protocol stack architecture of Zigbee illustrates these advantageous features. Zigbee is used for…

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  • Walmart Case Study

    3. (Optional) If possible, use electronic presentation software to summarize your findings for management. Improving Decision Making: Using Spreadsheet Software to Evaluate Wireless Services Software skills: Spreadsheet formulas, formatting Business skills: Analyzing telecommunications services and costs You would like to equip your sales force of 35 based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with mobile phones that have capabilities for voice transmission, text messaging, and taking and sending…

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  • Case Study: Verizon Wireless Mental Models And Mindsets

    building trust within the workplace. Verizon Wireless is listed as one of the best companies for workers to seek employment because of this strong model of positive interrelations with its employees, flexible working schedules, and incentives for employees to further their careers (“Working Mothers names Verizon Wireless among 100 best firms,” 2008). By appreciating and encouraging individual interests within the company, Verizon Wireless builds a collective mental model of every worker’s…

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  • D2d Communication Case Study

    With the development trend of wireless communication, the main application scenarios of D2D communication in 5G network are as follows: Local service Local service generally can be understood as the user side of the business data is not through the network side (such as the core network) and directly for the local transmission. A typical case of local business is the application of social, social characteristics can be regarded as the application of adjacent D2D technology application based on…

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  • Internet Of Things Essay

    communication, networking, and information processing technologies which can be a new version of information and communications technology (Li , Xu , & Zhao, 2014). As per (Yiu & Yau ,…

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  • Social Network Vs. MANET

    Even though VANET is considered as a type of MANET, it has its own particular features that make it different from MANET. These characteristics include: 1. Each vehicle is turned into a router or wireless node with the capability to connect and become a part of a network in the range of approximately 100-300m. 2. Network topology changes as the vehicles fall out of range or new vehicles join the network, thus making the network density vary according to traffic density. For example, network…

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  • The Similarities And Differences To Wifi And Wi-Fi

    Comparison between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi This section is mainly dedicated for comparing Li-Fi and Wi-Fi considering various aspects. LI-FI is a visible light technology to achieve high speed wireless communication by using visible light to transfer data. It acquired this name due to its similarity to WI-FI which utilizes radio waves for transfer of data. WI-FI is great for extensive wireless coverage in buildings but has severe limitations for high density wireless information coverage in limited…

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