Wireless Networking Essay

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1.1 Introduction
This chapter will briefly discuss the background of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its use in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). It will also state the Problem Definition, the Aims & Objectives of this project, and the Methodology used to achieve those objectives. In the end, it will present an overview of the dissertation’s layout.

1.2 Background
The Internet has made an enormous impact on the world of communications. It has interconnected billions of networking devices all over the world. These devices share information with each other in the form of digital data packets. The networking protocols are responsible for the safe delivery of these packets to their respective destinations. Despite their significance, these protocols have not evolved over the years. They are complex and they restrict innovation. In the current networking environment, network administrators have to configure each device manually by using proprietary commands. Newer policies or protocols cannot be introduced in the network on the fly, while automatic reconfiguration and response mechanisms are almost non-existent. The still
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It only has a single, one-way communication link. An example of its use is in the pressure measuring systems. The advancement in technology lead to the need of more efficient topologies. The developers started making cost-effective protocols for these designs. For example a Star topology finds its use in easily scaling the number of lights in a room or a router in a house can use the Mesh topology to overcome shadowing and ensure uniform signal strength throughout the house. The major area of concern is the security of these devices. WSN are generally set-up for gathering records from insecure environments. The sensitive nature of the information carried by the nodes poses a great challenge for the developers to implement a secure framework for these devices so that the data cannot be

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