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  • Color And Location In Marketing

    blue, green, etc.) were rated 80% positively. The results also showed that achromatic colors (e.g., white, black, and grey) were rated positively only 29.2% of the time. Green was the most positively rated color and participants associated green with nature and soothing emotions. The Asian countries’ locations from Saito’s study are more industrious than the United States. This could explain why white was preferred in Asian countries, but green was preferred in the United States. Because of all…

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  • Hartman Color Code Research Paper

    determines ones’ behavior, your needs and wants. Anyone who takes the assessment is predominantly one of four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, or White however, our colors can intermingle and mix together like a confetti cake of definitive personality. Independently, each color indicates a certain motive: Red for power, Blue for intimacy, Yellow for merriment, and White for neutrality. “By identifying our core color, we can come to understand our key traits, strengths and limitations. In…

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  • The Theme Of Death In Looking For Alaska

    “Ya’ll smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” John Green’s Looking for Alaska explores the concepts of life and death, or more specifically how to live and die. Main character, Miles Halter, desires an exciting life and decides to leave the safety of his home to attend Culver Creek boarding school. Here he meets trailer-bred genius Chip “the Colonel” Martin. The Colonel introduces him to a life of fun and mischief. More importantly, Miles discovers the beautiful, clever, and self-destructive Alaska…

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  • Marilyn Minter Big Girls Analysis

    shifts in color and lines. For example, Sophia’s white hair is formed by the use of a shift from the black background and her darker checkered body. Consequently. both lines and shift in color are implied at the same time as it creates shapes in the artwork. In this artwork, the light source is not seen. On the other hand, the light source is placed in the left of the artwork. This is presented when Minter uses the black Ben-Day dots overlaying white. It shows the artworks focal point, Sophia,…

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  • The Second Coming Poem

    In “The Second Coming,” what does Yeats mean when he writes “The falcon cannot hear the falconer” (line 2)? How does this relate to “the centre cannot hold” (line 3)? In “The Second Coming” there is a footnote at the end of the first line explaining what Yeats envisioned for the word gyre. It mentions that it was meant to represent the age of Christians and how it was spiraling downwards to an end. With this in mind, the second line that reads, “The falcon cannot hear the falconer” it paints a…

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  • Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    Color symbolism has an influential role in The Great Gatsby, as it has had in many literary works throughout history. It is used many times to give a deeper meaning to the story, and convey messages that the author doesn’t explicitly say. It is the responsibility of the reader to read closely, and try to find the deeper meaning in specific details of the story. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, a tale is told of Jay Gatsby. Jay is a new money business man, and is intent on trying…

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  • The Color White In Shakespeare's Sonnet 99

    the color “white” in both Sonnet 12 and 99 represents one of Shakespeare’s most prominent themes: the inevitable concept of time, in Sonnet 12, the narrator, reflects that the only defense against Time’s scythe is having children (leaving behind a legacy), while in Sonnet 99, the narrator condemns four different types of flowers for stealing attributes of his beloved (the Lilies stole the whiteness of his beloved’s hand, for example). In Sonnet 12, the narrator uses the color “white” to…

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  • Sister Mercedes Madonna And Child Blue Analysis

    Virgin and a child with blue glass background and a white light over them. This painting is made out of casein which is a protein from cheese and milk, which is popular in Italian artwork. Sister Mercedes title of the painting has vivid understanding on what the artwork is trying to express. This painting Madonna and child Blue has a very vivid focal point which is the light that starts out dull and brightens up as it reaches Child Blue. That white light draws your attention to the middle of the…

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  • Jay Gatsby Color Green Analysis

    associates Daisy with the color white, but to wear white is to be “an absolute little dream” (Schneider 2). Nick discovers white is a corrupt mixture of dream and reality (Schneider 3). To Gatsby, white is not pure, but it is inevitably stained by money. Daisy is a white flower with a golden center. In The Great Gatsby gold, along with silver symbolizes the dream and the reality. When Nick first sees Daisy, he notes they are “like silver idols weighing down their own white dresses…” [qtd in…

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  • The Color White In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    island, Golding portrays the color white in the novel as a symbol for purity and innocence for civilization. During Simon’s wrongfully killing for him being mistaken as the beast, the little boy is presented as an innocent being of civilization. The waters of the vast Pacific Ocean is the final resting place for Simon, for during his last living moments on land, showed signs of morality. As the shore waves wash over him and the blood seeps out of his body, “a [white] brightness dressed…

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