Cox Communications Essay

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Cox Communications increases multi-product JBoss subscriptions by 300% in one year!
** Note: This is an internal only win story. The customer name ‘Cox Communications’ should not be referenced externally. **
Time and again, we have been told about actively engaging with customers by understanding their business needs and providing them with relevant and appropriate products and services. Certainly it is not as simple as it always sounds! How do you build trusted partnerships with your customers? How do you keep them engaged? How do you deliver a unique, differentiated experience? Here’s a story that successfully displays a targeted and thoughtful approach to engaging with customers:
In early 2014, Cox Communications (also mentioned as ‘Cox’ in this article), the third largest cable and broadband company in the United States, was just a RHEL and JBoss EAP customer for Red Hat. They had invested about 1 million USD in JBoss EAP and weren’t familiar with any other middleware products offered by Red Hat. Today, along with EAP, Cox’s investment in JBoss includes Fuse, A-MQ, BPM, and BRMS. The account has grown by 300% to 4 million USD in one year through JBoss product purchases and renewals. The account team achieved all this success through taking a proactive stance
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Cox was using webMethods by Software AG as an integration broker for its systems. It was struggling with the outdated technology, which was becoming increasingly expensive and complicated to maintain. The developers at Cox called Software AG a ‘closed proprietary black box’ that gave them little control over the solution. They had to contact Software AG for most issues and often times the solutions to these issues would disturb other system functionalities resulting in more manual processes. This was the ‘suitable opportunity’ we have been preparing for – to introduce JBoss Fuse as a superior integration

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