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  • My Father's Garden David Wagoner Analysis

    Analysis of “My Father’s Garden” “My Father’s Garden,” by David Wagoner is a poem about a child who reminisces about his or her father’s life. The speaker thinks back on his or her father’s work, his hobbies, and his education in this poignant tribute. With the author’s use of metaphors, similes, and alliteration, the poem emerges as a cautionary tale to show the impact of industrialization. With an extensive use of metaphors, Wagoner emphasizes the environment the father works in each day.…

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  • Forgiving My Father Analysis

    Application of New Criticism: forgiving my father A short synopsis of the poem “forgiving my father”, written by Lucille Clifton is that it is about a daughters recollection of her life growing up, specifically her father’s inefficiencies. Throughout the poem, the persona shifts through boots of anger, bitterness and contempt as she reflects on the experiences she had growing up. To fully grasp what the poem is about in its totality, one could ascribe to many different types of criticism…

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  • Examples Of Inductive Logic

    A Crash Course in Formal Logic This video lecture gives a clear explanation on how to distinguish between deductive and inductive logic. Additionally, it offers information on inferences and inferences claims. Before going into full explanation mode, the video first gives a glance over a few concepts that needs to commit to memory. First and foremost, the video explains that logic is the science of argument evaluation. Also, arguments can either be true or false. At this point of the lecture the…

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  • Eatonville Hyperbole

    In this section of Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston characterizes Eatonville and the people within as very religious, competitive, traditionally and ethically involved, and unified. With the use of hyperbole, personification, idiom, and metaphors, Hurston develops these complex characteristics. Starting off, the author compares the arguments of Sam and Lige to a “contest in hyperbole” (page 63). This metaphor showcases how the people in the town always try to show off for others.…

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  • All Summer In A Day Rain

    In the short story All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury uses rain to illustrate to the readers Margot’s and the other children’s dull and depressing outlook on life. Bradbury uses many different similes and metaphors to describe the setting and the emotions the characters are feeling. But, the most prominent metaphor and simile being used in All Summer in a Day, is that of rain. There are many instances of Ray Bradbury using the rain to describe the setting or even the characters emotions using…

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  • Sacrifice In Mockingjay, By Suzanne Collins

    Sacrifice comes from selflessness, compassion, and extraordinary love. This matter is demonstrated in the book Mockingjay, written by Suzanne Collins. Before the book Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen volunteers as a tribute for her sister Primrose, so that Prim will not have to go into “The Hunger Games”, a deadly war of innocent people. Soon, Katniss knows she has a job to do, once she realizes that their world is being taken over by President Snow. In Suzanne Collins’s book Mockingjay, it is…

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  • Similes In The Things They Carried

    Although people think soldiers are characterized as tough killing machines, they are still humans with emotions, memories and lives beyond the military. According to soldiers, it is not easy being a soldier and living the life as a soldier. Life as a soldier has many struggles that people do not see and often go unaccounted for. This common dilemma comes to light in the short story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. The burden of war on soldiers is more than physical strain. Tim O’Brien…

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  • Metaphors In Lifeboat Ethics

    In Garrett Hardin’s paper, “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor,” Harden uses the analogy of a lifeboat being a nation. He intends to offer his opinion, while explaining why his theory, “Lifeboat Ethics,” is more accurate than a previous theory, “Spaceship Earth” (Hardin, 358). Throughout the paper he explains that by the rich supporting the poor, they are enabling the poor to continue in their destructive ways and to ultimately cause “environmental ruin” (Hardin, 366).…

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  • Diction In Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an activist for civil rights. He is also a leader in nonviolent movements across America and influences people around the world to fight for civil rights. King is most known for his “I Have a Dream” speech, which he gave at Washington D.C in 1963. In fact, the speech was so influential it earned King a Nobel Peace Prize. Other works by King include “Beyond Vietnam,” “Give us a ballot” and his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech ( Editors 1). King’s…

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  • Technological Revolutions In Neil Postman's The World Is Flat

    “Change alone is unchanging,” according to Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher (Polito, 2004). This a widely applied idea and is particularly relevant as we discuss the Net Generation’s use of what David Weinberger has called, “social knowledge (Weinberger, 2007).” We are in the midst of a major revolution equal in significance to the industrial revolutions of the past. Author Daniel Pink describes this as a monumental shift from the information age to the conceptual age in his book…

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