In Our Tenth Year Poem

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The two poems ‘In our tenth year’ written by Simon Armitage and ‘One flesh’ written by Elizabeth Jennings explore the idea of everlasting love in a long term relationship. One flesh is about a couple in a struggling companionship where the speaker is the couples child talking aloud their thoughts. ‘In our tenth year’, the speaker is one of the people in the relationship talking to their other half. Both poems are about the relationship of the love of two people that has slowly deteriorated over time. However ‘In our tenth year’ explores the theme of forgiveness and is optimistic whereas One flesh is from the point of view of the child and nothing changes they remain apart and separate with no sense of hope for the future.

These poems
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In one flesh another simile is used silence between them like a thread to hold giving the reader a picture of one last thread literally holding the relationship together which is a metaphor for their child who is nothing holding the parents relationship together this metaphor shows the separateness between a couple that have had a child that the only reason they have any anything to do with each other is because they love their child. Comparing two in our tenth year’s idea on everlasting love which also use figurative language this help out laid to rest which is a metaphor for the flower and how pressing it will preserve the love creating a permanent copy they can hold on to forever as they will do this in their minds of love showing the positive concept towards everlasting love. Another use of figurative language is your infantry of names and dates which uses a list

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