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  • Bridge Construction

    engineer is to build and expand without brining harm. To form an unquestionable role with society throughout their entire professional career. We are hired to make life easier, and formulate innovations that will change the course of the world. With such a high earned pedisoul every engineer is placed on their work stems more than just crunching number into place. A great deal of moral responsibility must be taken into consideration. The braches of our ideas will affect lives for generations to come in either a positive or negative light. The construction of the Tacoma narrows bridge unfortunately will land first on a countdown of engineering disasters on the history channel. The construction of the bridge over the Puget sound in the state of Washington was built on July, 1, 1940 and maybe should have never been constructed. The early births and ideas for the Tacoma bridge to be constructed dates back to 1928. The Tacoma chamber of commerce wanted a sturdy bridge that would replace the ferry system, and estimated on budget that would complete the task. With the development of anything money plays a major role on how fast the task will get done, and reliability after the plan is completed. Being a capitalist society money can spur up a numerous amount of complications. We always want cheaper and faster. Adopting any ides that will save pennies even if by doing so my increase the risk of a potential disaster. A properly groomed engineer knows that money should never play a…

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  • Women Population Research Paper

    Introduction The women population in regards to health is an important factor in the implementation of appropriate health care services. There are leading causes of mortality and morbidity affecting women throughout globe, as well as in local and at national levels. This essay is to study and understand the types of health issues and the status affecting women at a local, state, national, and international perspective. Many research studies have focused on the health concerns and barriers…

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  • How Did Booker T Washington's Pacifist Approach

    were passed, which enforced racial segregation in the South. These laws would continue into the mid-1960’s, eventually ending with the civil rights movement. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Marcus Garvey all had innovative…

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  • The Natchez Trace

    followed ancient Native American trails that had been in use for thousands of years before European explorers arrived in North America. It once was an essential trade route for farmers, Indians, and boatmen. The Natchez Trace links three of the largest water courses in the United States; Cumberland River, Tennessee River, and Mississippi River. The earliest people known to use the trace were the Mississippi mound builders whose culture flourished from 800A.D. to 1500A.D.…

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  • Silk Road Case Study

    The Silk Road - named for its main export, silk – was, in fact, a series of routes that revolutionised trade in the ancient world. Established in the 2nd century BC, the road connected almost every major ancient super power (Jenkins, 2012) (Mark, 2014). This expansion of intercontinental trade and travel brought about by The Silk Road significantly impacted Asian societies. The adoption of Buddhism in China and economic growth of towns along the route exemplify such change. The Silk Road was…

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  • Native Americans Westward Expansion Essay

    They wanted it and they would do absolutely anything to receive it. They tortured the Native Americans as they burned their houses, land, and surrounding areas. “State Governments joined in this effort to drive Native Americans out of the South.”2 Andrew Jackson led inhuman and cruel campaigns which led to Native Americans having to give thousands of acres to white American farmers. In April of 1830, the Indian Removal Act was passed by Senate with a vote of 28 to 19. In May of 1830, the Indian…

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  • Similarities Between W. E. B. Du Bois And Booker T. Washington

    Author and civil rights activist, W.E.B. Du Bois, once said," To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships." W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington were both working towards the same goal, but the way they went about fulfilling that goal was very different. W.E.B. Du Bois believed in standing up to his oppressors. Booker T. Washington believed in stopping racial equality by showing whites that blacks can be successful and create their own…

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  • Gary Gon Ridgway Green River Killer

    He was the middle of 3 sons and grew up in a middle class neighborhood in town outside Seattle called SeaTac. He was a dutiful son and close to his mother. His father was a bus driver who often complained about prostitutes on his route. Gary was a chronic bed wetter into his late teens and has said he remembers his mother would often bathe him when she found out. He said she would also humiliate him in front of family and friends. He had expressed strong sexual fantasies about his mother along…

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  • Panera Bread Case Study Essay

    Courtney Cooper Management 479 Panera Bread Company Case Study 16 November 12, 2017 Panera Bread Company (2010): Still Rising Fortunes? SYNOPSIS: Panera Bread Company became an instant success when a master baker named Ronald Shaich combined different ingredients together to continue a legacy. That legacy was making Sourdough bread that was very important to the culture for over 6000 years. Ronald Shaich was the CEO and Chairman for Panera Bread Company and he cultivated the…

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  • Conspiracy Theories Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest abolitionists in history, who became known as a “mythological hero” and “lawgiver” to African-American people. He is also known for being a martyr for dying during his fight to finally abolish slavery. Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 to parents Tomas and Nancy Lincoln in a log cabin located in Hardin County, Kentucky. When Abraham was young, his mother passed away from tremetol-a milk sickness- which caused young Lincoln to become depressed, causing him…

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