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  • Young Frankenstein By Gene Wilder: Article Analysis

    pronounced Fronkensteen" a quote made famous by Gene Wilder in the classic movie, Young Frankenstein, will forever be immortalized by those mourning his loss. Wilder 's life is the focus of the media and his life is being celebrated because of his loss due to Alzheimer 's at the age of 83 on August 28, 2016. Best known for his wacky neuroticism, Gene Wilder was born Jerome Silberman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He changed his name at age 26 to Gene Wilder after deciding that he couldn 't quite see…

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  • Sunset Boulevard Character Analysis

    Complex characters such as Norma Desmond and King Lear are often used to display the effect people have on other’s realities and beliefs. In Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder and King Lear by William Shakespeare, complex characters are used to demonstrate how permissive relationships can create the false reality and ultimate madness one may endure. In Sunset Boulevard, Norma Desmond experiences a sheltered life that leads to a state of insanity. While much of this insanity comes from her own…

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  • Double Indemnity Film Analysis

    Billy Wilder is an American film maker who has produced more than 30 films in his lifetime. Three films in particular though have caught critic’s eyes everywhere. Double Indemnity, made in 1944, The Seven Year Itch, made in 1955, and Some like it hot, made in 1959. Billy Wilder’s style in his films could be described as comic in most of his films but some of them like Double Indemnity could be described as dark as it is a film noir. Over the decades Billy Wilder’s films do improves in style. In…

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  • Billy Wilder's Film Double Indemnity

    through three different cinematography components: lighting, camera angles, and composition. Over the course of 107 thrilling minutes, Walter Neff becomes a whole new person due to his relationship with Phyllis. In his film Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder uses cinematography to demonstrate the progression of Walter Neff’s character from a seemingly innocent insurance agent to a criminal. In the beginning of the film, Walter Neff is viewed as a happy and confident insurance agent, and…

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  • The Apartment Film Analysis

    literal sense of the film. Connotative meaning should extend over the denotative meaning without contradicting it or ignoring it. Men dominant the film industry and they create a language that reflects a patriarchal society. Director and writer Billy Wilder created a romantic comedy drama that comments on sexism and corruption of corporate…

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  • Double Indemnity Analysis

    ability to be manipulative.Manipulative people latch onto empathetic targets and make full use of their qualities. They find people who are easy-going, gentle and kind and who avoid conflict. Throughout the films double indemnity directed by Billy Wilder, nightcrawler directed by dan Gilroy, LA confidential directed by Curtis Hanson and training day directed by Antoine Fuqua, we find that these films have a strong theme of manipulation occurring. This manipulation that occurs between…

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  • Angelina Jolie Research Paper

    Hollywood movie goddess Angelina Jolie Workout and Diet Plan Born on June 4, 1942 in Los Angeles, California, Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular and celebrated American actress and filmmaker. Ex-wife of wealthy Hollywood star and producer, Brad Pitt and mother to six children (three children are adopted), Jolie is a woman of substance who is known for her work for humanitarian causes. She has been leading actress of many Hollywood hits - Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Salt and…

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  • Film Noir: A Literary Analysis

    Film Noir started when American film change its context to a much darker subject matter due to the aftermath of World War II. Based from the article of Christopher McColm, McColm gathers information to review the book “Blackout: World War II and the origins of Film Noir” whose author is Sheri Chinen Biesen. In the book, Biesen argues that the term noir emerged during the war era. Noir authors used the concept of post-war American angst to relay to the audience that noir fiction tends to…

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  • Sunset Clevard Film Analysis

    Even though film experts still debate what genre it best falls into, the 1950 Billy Wilder-directed film Sunset Boulevard is, in many respects, the archetypal film noir, and is also widely regarded as one of the most brutally honest depictions of Hollywood, by Hollywood. One of the biggest reasons Wilder’s film is viewed as such an exemplar of the film noir movement is its innovative use of lighting effects. Use of lighting can make or break a black-and-white film much more than it can one in…

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  • Sin City Film Analysis

    The overall aim of this essay is to compare the film Sin City with the classic style of film noir to see if there are any differences or similarities between them. The analysis focuses on four concepts that I believe are the most classic film-noir associations. Lighting, Femme fatale, a dark world and the protagonist. Already in the first scene a couple of things are established. The first scene is part of a side story that we only get to see in the beginning and again at the end of the film,…

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