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  • Social Services Case Study Essay

    Social Services: On 05/16/2016, client Shante Cameron and her children met with assigned Case Manager for Intake and Initial Independent Living Plan (ILP). Client is 25 years old African American female. Client has a 4 years old son named Toshan Hurd and an 8 month old son named Khaliq Marcus. Case Manager asked client how and why she became homeless. Client stated that on May of 2015 she entered the shelter system after an argument with the father of her younger child. Client stated that when she entered the shelter system she was found NOVA eligible; however on October 2015 she decided to move with her aunt. Client stated that on April 2016 she and her aunt got into an argument and was ask to leave the premises. Case Manager asked client if she ever rented an apartment before, client stated no. Client stated that prior entering the shelter system in 2015 she was living with family member in Virginia. Meetings: Case Manager informed and explained to client that she is expected to attend all schedule ILP Review meetings with her assigned Case Manager for the purpose of assessing the family needs and barrier preventing the family to obtain housing. Case Manager explained to client that she is expected to cooperate in developing, carrying out, and completing an ILP together with facility staff to achieve permanent housing. Case Manager explained to client that if she failed to attend meetings without a valid cause, a warning will be issue for non-compliance. Client was also…

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  • Professional Social Work Values: A Case Study

    The perspective of Systems theory can be seen in almost every aspect of the treatment. The treatment process incorporates all aspects of the client’s life, it brings together all those different systems in their life which can include family, gatekeepers, in home service workers, Department of Child Services and even possibly school in order to form the best therapeutic plan of action for the client. All these different systems have an effect on the client and they all attempt to work together…

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  • Gage OT Reflection

    On my second day at clinical I observed an interaction between a client and two Occupational Therapists (OT) that really emphasised the importance of ‘capacity building’ and how it facilitates ‘empowerment’. A community OT was assessing the client for a new assistive mobility device. During the assessment the community OT directed all his questions to the Gage OT and never specifically asked the client about what she needed or required from the new piece of equipment. The community OT acted like…

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  • Case Study Of Mark Twain Behavioral Health

    As with most agencies, T. Medina agrees that the main goal at Mark Twain Behavioral Health is providing good quality services. She states that her agency provides services like, PSR groups or Psychosocial Rehabilitation groups, medication management, community support, managing case work, and addressing physical, as well as mental health (personal communication, September 27, 2016). This list of services might include encouraging socialization with peers, linking clients to services such as…

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  • My Journey In Social Work

    Throughout my journey of discovering my role and beginning my work in the field of social work, I have slowly begun to unravel and mold the type of professional I would like to be. While shadowing, supervision, schooling, and in my own personal experience I am forming the way I would like to be. It is important to keep in mind the way one communicates, responds, and places boundaries with not only our clients but with colleagues. Starting the relationships on good terms is important because this…

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  • Role Work Role Play Reflection

    Role Play Reflection Before doing the video, I became somewhat anxious at the thought of being on camera; knowing that I was going to be evaluated did not help my anxiety at all. After all, I am an introvert; even at that I love listening to people talk about their life’s experiences, and love to help them resolve their issues whenever possible. This is one reason I am looking forward to learning more about the social work field. I have always been careful at how much advice I offer a person;…

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  • Crisis Center Reflection

    • This week at the Crisis Center was a bit uneventful compared to the previous weeks since I have started. I participated in a Residential Emergency Shelter Check In on Thursday, September 15th with a client who had not had any previous contact with the agency. The client, Amy*, had recently been in abusive situation with her boyfriend and was seeking out a safe place to stay. The client completed the intake with a volunteer over the phone and was approved for shelter by an approval staff…

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  • Feedback Informed Intervention Model

    Explain your understanding of the rationale for this EBP model. My time as a case manager, in a harm reduction program for homeless veterans has allowed me to have weekly sessions with a client for over two months now. The client is an Army vet with a history of substance abuse secondary to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In my effort to asses the client’s mental health on a weekly basis, I took notice in how the Feedback Informed Intervention (FIT), provided a unique opportunity for me…

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  • Dual Polymodality

    Polymodality and Dual Modality Concepts and Definitions According to Vincent Persichetti, “polymodality involves two or more different modes on the same or different tonal centers. The modal strands may be melodic or harmonic.” In the most traditional conception a melodic line in order to be considered modal, apart from being diatonic to a mode (traditional or synthetic), needs to contain no alterations. This also applies to modal harmonic content. Persichetti states that “a pure modal…

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  • Song Analysis: Sleep By Eric Whitacre

    a piece in remembrance of her parents married for 50 years who passed away in a fatal car accident. Through its slow tempo which is so powerful and it 's beautiful softer dynamic range to its magnificent chords sung by the choir in much louder dynamic ranges later in the piece shows the power,…

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