Professional Social Work Values: A Case Study

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The perspective of Systems theory can be seen in almost every aspect of the treatment. The treatment process incorporates all aspects of the client’s life, it brings together all those different systems in their life which can include family, gatekeepers, in home service workers, Department of Child Services and even possibly school in order to form the best therapeutic plan of action for the client. All these different systems have an effect on the client and they all attempt to work together for the client. Each of these systems interacts with the client in a unique way and is a building block to the foundation of their life. If one of those systems is not functioning properly then the foundation for the client could crumble causes certain …show more content…
One of the most important values that I noticed being practiced was the importance of human relationships. Working in a hospital setting with children it is very necessary to emphasize how needed stable relationships are to the young clients. This can be seen in practice by the way that on ground visits and phone calls are encouraged as well as mandatory family therapy. When focusing on relationships I also see the value of worth of a person being demonstrated because it is showing that to the person they are worth working and confronting issues in order to have a stable relationship. Watching families struggle to deal with each of their own issues and watching as one family has pulled away and seeing the child’s behavior digress really showed how valuable these concepts truly are in any …show more content…
Use of Self
As a bachelor’s student I was more of an observer which came in need at times because I was able to recall certain details about a meeting or discussion that was important to know at the time. I feel as though remembering those small details made a difference in the treatment process for the clients. I also feel as though by doing little task such as making phones or sending emails gave the therapist more time and energy to focus on the clients and their needs at that moment. It’s the small details that come together to make up the whole picture. When I started my journey as a social worker all I knew was that I wanted to help others succeed in life and actually have a chance at a happy and healthy life. Working with both children and families who have been through serious trauma and the stigma of having a family member with mental illness I feel that same compassion and waiting to understand their lives better in order to see that the treatment they receive is beneficial and when they leave they have a chance of thriving in the

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