Ethical Codes In Social Work

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Ethical Codes in NASW Code of Ethics and Demonstration of Codes
There are ethical codes put into practice when working with a population of people that I consider emotionally challenging. Foremost, I must remind myself of the entire social work codes of ethical principles and standards to implement. A primary social work principle is the dignity and worth of a person. Social workers inspire people to improve their happiness and welfare. Social workers treat each client with respect, obsequiousness and value (Krist-Ashman & Hull, 2015a, p. 397). Accordingly, obligating to appreciate that every human life in this world is worthy and significant of guidance no matter the reasons that they are in state prisons is vital.
As a student in social work, I should continuously learn about different cultures along with social diversity. Many societies are living with hardships. People in prisons may possibly originate from a society that is at risk; consequently oppression happens in cultures for race, sex, mental disabilities, color and immigration status (Krist-Ashman & Hull, 2015b, p. 401).
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The paper teaches constantly to evaluate the values and ethics for social workers along with mine. Essentially, putting my feelings aside is for the best interest of the client and the correct way to be a proficient therapist. Furthermore, I am glad that there are these guidelines to follow. In my opinion, learning is a key factor to become the best social worker. The assignment excites me that I did choose this profession for my education and I cannot wait to learn more.
Future Plans to Adhere to the Core Values and Ethical Codes
In the future, I will review the core values and ethical codes to remind myself the correct way to treat all clients. Therefore, it will never slip my mind on how to remain a professional social

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