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  • Network : The Network Of A Wan Network

    Networking: To summarize the wired configuration, this network starts with the public internet that connects to a WAN (Wide Area Network); a good example of a WAN network is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) (Ocens, 2012). This WAN connection is T1 that connects to the T1 Demarcation Router in the computer room; this terminates the T1 line and provides an Ethernet Connection to the Main Router as well as a T1 connection to the WAN. The main router creates LAN connectivity and connects to the PIX Firewall and the Ethernet Switch; the firewall controls access to the public internet through the main router’s connection to the WAN. The LAN connection creates a high-speed connection for the computers, servers, routers, and printers needed in the organization. The servers, the data server and the mail server, connect directly to the ethernet switch to give access to all the devices on the network. The ethernet switch connects to the cross-patch panel, this panel connects all the RJ-45 (Registered Jack 45) outlets in each office. The horizontal cable runs out of the computer room from the cross-patch panel, above the ceiling, down the wall, and connects to a faceplate for RJ-45 ethernet. An ethernet drop cable, otherwise known as a UTP cable, is conneted from the faceplate to the computer’s ethernet card. Since the shipping office in the warehouse is a further distance, fibre optic cable runs from the computer room to a remote ethernet switch in the shipping office. Past the…

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  • Network Movie Analysis

    Maximizing shareholder’s wealth is the most important business managers or chief executives ' responsibility. When the company becomes public, investors supply assets and cash. In order to keep up those assets, the chief executive or manager has to make decisions to increase the shareholder 's return, which occasionally can be inhuman and unethical. In Network, it displays Frank Hackett’s willingness (Robert Duvall) to make decisions, which is in his favor but intentionally puts Howard Beale…

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  • Physical Network Design: Network Phenomenon

    I. Physical Network Design A. Network Topology Business Needs Topology is important as it is the way the computers in this business will be lined up and how they pass information from one to the next. A wrong topology can cause a lot of extra expensive and headaches for the IT personal. The correct topology will make it easier to manage and will help keep the system running smoothly. A physical topology must be picked that can be easy to set up and easy to maintain. It should allow systems to…

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  • The Importance Of Sociocentric Networks

    social structure of policy implementation, we drew on data from a large study of social networks among professional development providers in the San Francisco Bay Area in the wake of the adoption of the Common Core state standards in math standards (CCSS-M) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The San Francisco Bay Area was chosen for two reasons. First, California had adopted and begun implementation of the CCSS-M and the NGSS. Second, prior research has suggested the importance of…

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  • Network Engineer Vs Network Architect

    taking place online or through computer networks. With this huge growth in computer usage, it’s no wonder that reported Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst as the number one fastest…

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  • Social Network Theory

    In this article, Berkman and Glass (2000) briefly summarize the history and foundations of social epidemiology, discussing the interdisciplinary contributions that experts in the fields of sociology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, and epidemiology all have made to develop the field of social epidemiology, itself. It then moves into a discussion of the social network theory and how it relates to health behaviors, individual health, health outcomes, morbidity, and mortality. The article began with…

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  • Ethernet Network Essay

    This diagram illustrates a Local Area Network implemented using an Ethernet connection on a bus topology model. It is a LAN because there is no indication of considerable distance between the computers or departments. It is in Bus topology as since the computers connect to the network by connecting to the network cable. This as opposed to a star network topology setup. Next to each network component is an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Each IP consists of four number whose value can range from…

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  • The Dangers Of Network Security

    A network allows computers to exchange data. In computer networks, devices exchange data using a data link. The connections are made using cable or wireless connection. Maintaining network security throughout an organization can be quite challenging and is indeed a tough job, but it is attainable and can be achieved. Network security is all about keeping the network safe for all devices and computers on the system. There are certain measures and skills needed to keep a network safe. There are…

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  • Home Network Analysis

    A general definition of a home network would be the interconnection between two or more computers to establish a local area network inside the home. With the advancement of the technology, the notion of computers has changed because many devices can do the same job that computers do. Therefore, let us define a home network as a local area network that allows digital devices present inside of a home to communicate together. We will enumerate a list of Home Network devices and we will write…

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  • Thundertones Social Network

    Thundertones as a Social Network The Thundertones have been a central part of my social network during my time at Wheaton College. Thundertones is an a cappella group that pulls its members exclusively from the Wheaton College Men’s Glee Club. Being an elite section of a larger group gives the Thundertones an interesting social network in side of the Men’s Glee Club; however, due to the limitations of this project I have chosen to focus primarily on the social network of the Thundertones…

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