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  • The New Black: A Conversation Analysis

    What is the New Black? The New Black tends to be a common saying in regards to what is hip and in fashion. However, my understanding of the phrase 'New Black ' is tied into the idea of the African American race being hindered in today 's society. The concept of the New Black is against the goals of African Americans, it expresses lack of citizenship, and it gives the impression that race still matters in the twenty first century. Furthermore, The article "A Curious Case of the New Black; A Conversation" describes the dialogue between several writers about the responses to the concept of the new black made by Pharell Williams and Raven Symone. Pharell Williams, a famous artist, defined the New Black as it "doesn 't blame others for our issues" ("The Curious Case of the "New Black": A Conversation."). He elaborated on this by saying that the idea of Black can hinder you or help you grow depending on how you receive it mentally. This response to the New Black by Pharell Williams is an unqualified judgment on his part due to the privilege and amount of money he makes per year ("The Curious Case of the "New Black": A Conversation." ). African Americans are still hindered in today 's society…

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  • Black Friday: The New Deal

    Beginning on December 29th, 1929, also known as Black Friday, the stock market on Wall Street crashed. This marked the onset of the Great Depression, the greatest economy downfall in United States history. For the beginning years of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover was the President, but he did not put forth a large enough effort to help the American people get out of the turmoil that was created. Up until the election of 1933 where Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, took the office from…

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  • Analysis Of Orange Is The New Black

    BLACK LIVES MATTER: Navigating White Silence, Fear, Denial and Privilege. The final shot of Poussey Washington’s lifeless face sent chills down my spine. Her cold body—the end result of a blonde haired, brown-eyed white woman using her white privilege to maintain a monopoly on her illegal panty-selling business in the hit Netflix’s series Orange Is the New Black (OITNB). This final shot exemplifies the current issues in our county concerning law enforcement, white privilege, and black lives. …

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  • New Black Womanhood Analysis

    very long time. In particular, it pervaded the work of black women writers from Zora Neale Hurston of the Harlem Renaissance to Nikki Giovanni and Carolyn Rodgers during the Black Nationalism and Black Arts Movements. Black women have the unique experience of being on the lower rungs of not one, but two categories of oppression: race and gender. It was within these intersections of race and gender as well as the Black Power Movement that birthed a concept called “New Black Womanhood”. Mostly…

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  • Orange Is The New Black Sparknotes

    Orange is the New Black (OITNB) is a Netflix original web series created by Jenji Kohan and adapted from the memoir of Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010), which explores life inside a women’s prison system. The series includes a diverse cast of historically excluded Black, Latina, and transgender actresses. How do they create seemingly groundbreaking media based on the controversial world of prison systems in a time when inequality is perpetuated by…

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  • Orange Is The New Black: Film Analysis

    Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series created by Jenji Kohan and adapted from the memoir of Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010) to explore life inside a women’s prison systems with “inclusion” of historically excluded Black and Latina voices in its cast. How far do the producers explore into the controversial world of prison systems in a time where inequality is perpetuated by institutionalized racism, with black women’s rate of incarceration…

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  • Examining Movement: The New Black Aesthetic Movement

    The New Black Aesthetic was not just any movement for African Americans this was a movement that helped to bridge the gap in the African American communities. The movement contribute to understanding black culture and experiences by moving told a black nationalist view for African Americans. This black nationalism period was about African Americans understanding themselves during this social change. The 1960’s and 70’s was a rebuilding of African Americans and embracing their culture. The New…

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  • The New Negro Movement: The Evolution Of Black Aesthetics

    1. Evolution of Black Aesthetic At the end of world war two approximately the mid 1920 is the black aesthetic developed as a group initiative. Finally, the Negro was challenged with a new sense of potential for the future. Through art, expression of racial pride was encouraging. This developed a new sense of identity for the African American. 2. Harlem Renaissance In 1910, a group of African Americans bought property on 135th and fifth ave, As world War one progressed many more Negros…

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  • The New Deal Legislation: The Black Power Movement

    past bent and twisted the laws passed so that minorities would not fit the qualifications. Beginning with the Great Depression in 1929, Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the New Deal Legislation. The New Deal Legislation is a series of experimental projects and programs that aimed to restore some measure of dignity and prosperity to many Americans. ( The New Deal, actually supposed to bring…

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  • Orange Is The New Black

    Orange is the New Black is a show that is not new to controversial issues and often displays them in the episodes to open up discussions about how Americans view and treat prisoners. Before watching and discussing Orange is the New Black with my peers, I originally saw the problems in the correctional system as issues that likely can never be improved and did not view the more emotional side of the problems, but now after talking with peers, I see how certain issues in prisons may need a more…

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