The Mists of Avalon

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  • Similarities Between The Goblet Of Fire And The Triwizard Cup

    The Triwizard Tournament is a contest, held between the three wizarding schools’ champions in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is meant to test the contestants’ intelligence, magical ability, and courage through the completion of three tasks, the last of which concerns locating the Triwizard Cup. Similarly, the Arthurian legend of The Quest for the Holy Grail tells of a quest for the Holy Grail, which can be described as a goblet or cup. The goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the two tales and expand on how the allusion lends to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. To accomplish this I will relate items and events between the two stories, compare characters between the two stories, explain the observable differences between the two stories, and analyze why Rowling may have included this allusion in her story. As noted above, the most recognizable allusions to the Quest for the Holy Grail are the Triwizard Cup and the Goblet of Fire due to the fact that they are all some type of cup. To begin with, all three cups are reminiscent of treasure, with the Triwizard Cup being the goal of the last task and associated with the prize winnings, the goblet of fire arriving in a casket, and the Grail being sought after and housed in a treasure chest in some accounts. There are also other similarities between the cups, such as the fact that in some way or another they all measure one 's worthiness. The goblet of fire decides who is best suited to join the…

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  • The Importance Of Love Triangles In The Arthurian Legend

    Lancelot and Morgaine first meet each other when Lancelot comes for a visit. His mother, Viviane, had been raising Morgaine, Igraine’s daughter, as one of her own. Even though Morgaine and Lancelot were first cousins, they still had somewhat of an attraction towards each other: “No (...) it makes them seem so much more real, so much more vulnerable - women who never weep frighten me, because I know they are stronger than I, and I am always a little afraid of what they will do.” (The Mists of…

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  • Comparing Roger Lancelyn Green's King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table

    one ever saw him dead. Second, Arthur said he would come back when Britain needed him. And third, there is a secret cavern where he rests and where a little shepherd boy once found him. It is hard to prove there has been a death if there is no body. No one witnessed King Arthur’s death nor have they seen his corpse. When last seen, Arthur was alive. In the book it says, “Then the barge floated away into the mist and was lost at sight. But a strange low cry of mourning came over the waters…

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  • Morgan Le Fay Character Analysis

    Celtic origins, her complexity should be expected, as Celtic culture embraced versatility and opposition. Like the other sources, Hebert brings up Morgan’s ability to heal others, but she also explores Morgan’s ability to travel between the otherworld and the land of the living. Her ability to travel to and from these worlds only strengthens the belief that Morgan is extremely powerful and she uses her powers however she wants. The reason Morgan is so feared is because she does not play by…

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  • Morgan Le Fay: The Medieval Story Of Morgan Le Fay

    Avalon is associated with Glastonbury Tor, which some legends say was once a magic island surrounded by water. Morgan is one of the three queens that takes King Arthur’s body to Avalon to heal. As a witch and healer, she is said to know the power of both healing and poisonous herbs. In Avalon, She presided over nine priestess’s who were prophetesses and healers. Avalon is known to have been an oracular center. Some believe that Avalon was a Druidic college for priestesses of women’s mysteries.…

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  • Who I Am Research Paper

    “Introversion, Intuition, feeling, perception” This means I am creative (which is a new one for me). I am also a strong egalitarian. I have always been one to cheer on the underdog. Fellow INFPs are JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Edgar Allen Poe, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Most of my skills are general such as being open minded, flexible and passionate. However I have always been a Machiavellian. Although considered a bad/dark personality I feel it is skill needed for career paths such as business.…

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