The Importance Of Love Triangles In The Arthurian Legend

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Throughout the Arthurian Legend, many relationships were formed in a way of the “love triangle”. Unlike other love interests that are a two way street, such as Merlin and Viviane, there are three different love triangles with compelling stories that you wouldn’t normally come across in a real life situation. Three situations in which this occurs are with Uther Pendragon, Igraine, and Gorlois; Lancelot, King Arthur, and Guinevere; and Lancelot, Morgaine, and Guinevere. These love triangles all have a captivating story that reveals a positive aspect and also a tragedy that contributes to the Arthurian Legend in some way, shape, or form.
The first three characters that go through this type of relationship is Uther Pendragon, Igraine, and Duke
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Lancelot and Morgaine first meet each other when Lancelot comes for a visit. His mother, Viviane, had been raising Morgaine, Igraine’s daughter, as one of her own. Even though Morgaine and Lancelot were first cousins, they still had somewhat of an attraction towards each other: “No (...) it makes them seem so much more real, so much more vulnerable - women who never weep frighten me, because I know they are stronger than I, and I am always a little afraid of what they will do.” (The Mists of Avalon) Lancelot directs this towards Morgaine and shows that he’s okay with Morgaine being vulnerable in front of him. On the other hand, when Lancelot rejects Morgaine, Morgaine imprisons him to try and gain his love but he still declares his love for Guinevere. Morgaine’s feelings were apparent: “As Lancelot made his decision, deep within me there stood something I had felt for no man before.” (The Mists of Avalon). It was obvious that Morgaine was very jealous of Guinevere and would of done anything for Lancelot to love her the same way he did with Guinevere. Because Morgaine and Lancelot are cousins and also played love interests, some may have found it odd, and some may have considered it completely normal. Morgaine not being able to have Lancelot as a lover was a tragedy for her, but without the rejection of Lancelot, Lancelot wouldn’t have had the relationship he had with Guinevere and Morgaine wouldn’t of been able to her have her child as well which would of also completely changed the legends

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