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  • Broadway Vs Hollywood Movies Essay

    Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and a slew of other wildly popular film franchises (“Box Office History for Musical”, n.d.; “2002 Domestic Grosses”, n.d.). On top of that, it won the Academy Award for Best Film, the first time a musical has done so since the 1960s. Numerous elements must be studied to understand what made Chicago such a breakout sensation. However, we must also try to find out what reason, if any, this did not lead to a resurgence of the musical genre. Finally, we can use this information to discover if and how Hollywood might create musicals that successfully appeal to future generations of moviegoers. Musical films reached their peak in the 1930s and 40s with a slow decline ever since (Fleisher, n.d.). The big band sounds that accompanied these films gave way to the rock and roll scene of the 50s and the British invasion of the 60s (“Musicals”, n.d.). Instead, this gave rise to music-based documentaries that combined the realistic storylines that moviegoers wanted with the sounds they enjoyed. Eventually a romanticized style of rock made its way back to the Hollywood musical in films such as Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show, which inspired modern music videos to become more of a spectacle, which in turn inspired the modern musical movie we know today. At the same time, song and dance stayed alive in Hollywood by targeting a younger generation through animation (“Original Movie Musicals”, n.d.). The late 80s and 90s introduced us to Aladdin,…

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  • Donner Party Narrative

    He had killed a man named John Snyder. There was a high sand hill in which the wagon party had to cross. They all stopped to examine their options on what they should do, and how they should get over. The wagon driver from behind John Snyder thought that he could get his wagon over the hill by himself, he believed that his oxen were capable enough to get over, so he got out of line and made his team of oxen rush pass the John Snyder's team to try to get over it and reach the other side. As he…

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  • Themes In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

    Cleanth Brooks says that “One of Faulkner’s principal themes … is the nature of the heroic deed,”. One example of this is, after the wagon has been tipped and the family is now on shore, this is describing the heroism of some of the characters. Tull, Darl, and Jewel jump into the water to save Cash’s tools since when the log hit they fell out of his tool box. This is an example of heroism because Cash relies on his tools to earn a living and make money. Another theme is the reconnection to the…

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  • The Chrysanthemums Analysis

    well. At the beginning of the story, Elisa appears in a heavy gardening outfit which symbolizes an oppression she faces because of her gender and general position in life. Masculine clothing is pulling her down exactly as masculine patriarchy restraining her freedom. However, after the meeting with the tinker, Elisa backs home and completely removes her clothes. This action symbolizes her developing sense of self-confidence and independence, as well as a desire to actually free herself from the…

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  • Keturah Belknap Case Study

    Another important task of some women was to sew the canvas on top of the wagon and sometimes used the assistance of family members and friends to complete this task. The cloth was used in order to protect them from the weather they were going to encounter in addition to protecting them from the occasion brutal rays of the sun. In the case of Keturah Belknap, we are informed about the preparation for the long and anguishing trip to the west and the difficulties of having to say goodbye to…

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  • Death Proof Camaro Research Paper

    Once a year Hot Rod magazine hosts a Top Speed Challenge in Ohio in which they have loads of street legal cars competing to go the fastest in the standing mile. The Death Proof Camaro, Geezer II Firebird, and the DIYAutoTune 240sx are Three of the most dangerous cars competing in the Top Speed Challenge. Each one of these cars are capable of going over 200 miles an hour during a pass. At the event there is 20 different classes based on engine size, brand, and configuration. The Death proof…

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  • Music Education In A Multicultural Setting Analysis

    different races and cultures. This is because of emotions. According to Roger Cross (2013), everyone has something called emotional intelligence (p. 22). Emotional intelligence pertains to how people feel to certain pieces of music. This is beginning to be necessary to promote sustainable values and behaviors among all cultures. Music education is supposed to focus on the multicultural issues in music due to the diversity in the music that is obtained by the director and handed to the…

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  • Music Research Papers

    These musicians do not care about the conventional life of having a job and family, but instead focus on expressing their views in artistic ways through their music. In some cases, music was the only motivation of living for some musicians, especially in areas of unemployment and distress, where young people had very limited opportunities. This was the reason why a stereotype developed, considering musicians depressed and low-life individuals who were not contributing to society. Not bound by…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Musician

    He has since than been playing the instrument for 25 plus years. James told me the person who influenced him to play the bass guitar was “Les Clay Pool,” from the band called “Primus”. His first performance was when he was 19 years old. He played with his very first band named (IN) which was a punk rock band. They performed at a bar named the “Token Lounge,” which is located in Westland, MI. During his time as a musician he’s played many shows. His favorite gigs to play are outdoor festivals.…

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  • First Friday Research Paper

    The melody was clear and memorable. The audience reacted to the music at appropriate times, singing along if they knew the lyrics and applauding when each song was finished. During a particular song, “You make me feel like dancing”, about 4 couples got up to the front of the audience and danced their hearts out. I believe the general environment of the location in which this concert took place contributed to the vibe of the music. It took at Railroad Square because First Friday is a monthly…

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