The Bedroom Window

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury: A Short Story

    on earth happened to your face?” “I think I fell off Pete’s bike.” “Go lie down on the couch.” Using a wet washcloth, Hanna wiped blood and gravel from Millie’s left cheek. “What happened?” Omitting the part where the car almost hit her in the alley she rambled, “I was riding just fine when all of a sudden a gust of wind came from nowhere and knocked me over.” Lightning flashed through the window as rain pelted against the glass. Wind whistled through the crevices around the front door. “Stay here,” Hanna ordered. Millie heard Hanna dial the telephone in the kitchen. Though her voice was muffled, Millie was sure she heard the word hospital mentioned in her mother’s conversation. Hanna touched Millie’s forehead, “You are going to the hospital when your father gets home.” Terror filled Millie. In all her years, the only one in her family to ever go to the hospital was her younger brother Sam when he had spinal meningitis. Well, maybe three times, there was that time she needed stitches in the back of her head and the time she broke her wrist roller skating. Booming thunder shook the window next to the couch, Millie whimpered, “I’m going to die; I just know it.” Every time she started to drift into a deep sleep, Hanna shook her shoulder, “Wake up, Millie.” Shaking her head, Millie opened her eyes. “I’m so tired, can’t I just sleep?” Hanna touched her forehead, “No.” It was late evening when Max came through the front door. Hanna pulled him aside, “Max, I think she may have a…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Chipping Blue Window

    were two windows on the first floor with a door quaintly situated between them and two windows directly on the floor above them. There was a window in between the second story windows that my mother and her boyfriend at the time referred to as the ‘Bourne Window.’ The name was derived from us having recently binged the Bourne Trilogy, and the window looking like something the titular character would be sniping someone through. We approached the front door to get an inside look, but found it was…

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  • Noke And Lis: A Short Story

    Noke and Lis lived in a beautiful home with three spacious bedrooms, a large bathroom with a tub and shower, Ellen and I had never seen a bathtub before and looked forward to taking leisurely, long soaks covered in bubbles, a sizable living room with a wood burning fireplace, a bright kitchen with a breakfast nook and a mudroom. Oma beamed with motherly pride that her son owned such a fantastic home. Noke and Lis occupied the master bedroom with an additional en-suite bathroom, Uncle Kité…

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  • Short Story: The Apparent's Room

    “Sehun, can you help your sister unpack her things in her room?” His mother flashing them both a smile, one he knows is fake. He nods in response before taking his younger sister’s hand and walking further into the cramped apartment. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sehun is unable to sleep. Blankets that were freshly stripped from his bed at home feel foreign in his new bedroom. The room is bare except for the two boxes filled…

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  • Importance Of Curtains For The Bedroom

    interesting and good decoration in the room. Curtains always make your bedroom nice and beautiful if it is decorated with the best selection. Every decorator will guide you the only thing that curtains make the room but when you choose them perfectly. It is the matter of texture and pattern to the room and then you need to select that you want formal or casual, traditional or contemporary style in your room. In this matter, you also need to be professional while selecting the fabric you need…

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  • Mothers Day Gift Analysis

    A Mother’s Day Gift – Luxury Feminine Bedrooms on a Limited Budget As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, the world treats their mothers like a queen. However, if you’re a mother yourself, you’re probably thinking, stretch marks, PTA meetings, sleepless nights and most importantly, nothing is more challenging the motherhood and the word “Mom” seems to be grammatically incorrect and the proper term is spelled “Queen Mom.” That said, my sisters and I set out to give our mother a gift that…

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  • Much Ado About Nothing Film Analysis

    prowess. In the bedroom scene with Don John, the bastard son, and Conrad, his trusted follower, there is a feeling of imprisonment and order right away as you see the sleek straight lines of the furniture, geometrical design and the old eloquent decorations. Along with the prop and sound choice, it is clear that this is a place which is under control, is orderly and is to be contained as such. The first thing the audience sees during the first few second of the scene are the legs of Don John and…

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  • Mystery Shack Research Paper

    take initiative and decide for yourself whether or not you 'd like that aspect of your perspective to remain a mystery. You can tell from the outside of the building that it has a high ceiling and know that if you were to go through the living room up the wooden stairs you 'd get to a wooden hallway that leads to an attic which holds Stans ' and Mabel and Dippers ' bedrooms. In the hallway there is an large glass-stained window shaped like the Eye of Providence that overlooks the back porch…

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  • ADA Home Case Study

    main reasoning is to keep the people living there safe as well as enjoyable. Some of the things we have encountered that play key roles in the building of the house is the doorway width, square footage of the rooms, and the window height. The way we solved these issues was by editing the windows and doors. In the codes it states that the doorway must be at least 3 feet wide but to play it safe we edited the doors and made them 3.5 feet wide. With the doorways being 3.5 feet in width the people…

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  • Whitewind Cir Boynton Beach Case Study

    com/listing/rx-10159944-10631-whitewind-cir-boynton-beach-fl-33473-valencia-reserve-lyons-west-agr-pud-9-for-820000/ Brian Pearl and co-listing agent Vini Antonacci, define the epitome of luxury real estate agents. They have recently listed and sold the Pamplona Grand property at full price in only two days. This lakefront property was upgraded in over $230,000 sumptuous luxury materials. Decorators Unlimited came into this build with their unique style that melds slick interior with a…

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