The Best Years

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  • Personal Narrative: When I Didn T Wait To Grow Up

    skin we’d be in a panic, crying, hyperventilating or sobbing uncontrollably, but really, when we feel our skin split in two, that’s when we feel the calmest. I used to think to myself ‘If this is how my life is going to be, I don’t want it anymore’. I didn’t always want to live my life. There was always one night that I’ll never be able to forget. It was my great-granddads 2 year remembrance. When I lost him I lost my best friend and the closest person I had to family. Although, when I was told he was gone I didn’t cry and I didn’t grieve. I never did grieve until that night. It finally hit me that I would never see him again. It all crashed down on me like a tonne of bricks. He wasn’t here anymore and he hadn’t been for a long time. I cried uncontrollably that night, feeling so incredibly numb and dizzy. I still couldn’t believe that I had really lost him. I spent 2 years denying the truth, even blaming myself for her inevitable death. I couldn’t possibly describe the emptiness inside me that I felt that night. There are no words to explain the void inside me. I never got the chance to say goodbye to my best friend and maybe that’s why I ran from the truth. I would give anything to have one more day with him to say goodbye because there were a thousand things that I didn’t tell him and I regret that. That night, when I finally knew how much I had lost, I felt horrible and I wanted to be with him so badly, that I tried to do something about it. I wanted to end everything so…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Best Years Of Your Life

    The “Best Years of Your Life” My life is a bit different from what we call “normal”. While most teens my age were going to school dances, kicking it with their boyfriends or killing it on the sports field. I on the other hand was in a hospital bed trying to feel somewhat normal. I just have to say that it wasn’t always like this for me. I was once your normal teen, talking to guys, destroying the soccer field and going out and partying on the weekends. That only lasted for a short time tho. And…

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  • Personal Experience: The Best Year Of My Life

    In December of 2015, I was bent over, clutching my kneecaps, and struggling to catch my breath. That afternoon was spent hiking up a jagged mountain in the skin-blistering cold. 2015 was the year I spent most days in bed, dreading about life. It was the year full of rocky terrain, leaving me exasperated. What I didn’t know was that that afternoon hike was a few hours prior to what would be the best year of my life. One year from that uphill climb, I spent my holidays relishing what a success…

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  • The Best Years Of Our Lives Film Analysis

    What forces in the lives of these characters (Al, Fred, Homer) illustrated so well the problems veterans faced from 1945-1950? Answer: The film, The Best Years of Our Lives happens to be an American drama film which won seven Academy Awards and happens to one of the films that became huge commercial success. The main reason behind its success is that it represents a significant percentage of the real-life veterans at that time. The film honored the lives of the veterans coming home from war and…

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  • Best Year Of Our Lives Movie Analysis

    Women independently working outside the home and establish themselves a stable job during the war. The GI Bill of Right gives returning vet the opportunity to finish college and get a degree and adjust to the society. The film “Best Year of Our Lives” is about three WWII veteran returns home from the war, each has different social background and they have to readjust to society. When we look at the film and we can see Hollywood have a secret code to hide from the audience and they used that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Best Years Of My Life

    “Don’t do this! You are too young for that! Follow all these! Stop doing that!”, aren’t these phrases too familiar? Have you ever felt so dejected with all the prohibitions and precautions society has established for us? Do you ever feel longing for that kind of freedom and independence that you have been dreaming of ever since? Well, I have and I have no regrets doing it for since then, it had been the best years of my life. Our parents had always been there for us since the start of our…

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  • Taking A Gap Year: It Could Be The Best Lesson In The World

    Missing the Year is Missing Out: Go for the Gap 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds: a lot can happen in a year. It is amazing that even though humans only have, on average, about 78 years to live, we still spend the first five years at home as babies, the next thirteen in required schooling, and are then expected to continue with at least two-to-four years of college, which is followed by years of graduate school. A gap year between high school and…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Gap Year

    A gap year is a period of time, usually lasting one year, where graduating students decide to take some time off before working at their chosen career. There are incredible benefits to taking a gap year after university. Surprisingly, there are a few disadvantages, but overall, the benefits outweigh the harm that some people encounter. What to Do During a Gap Year? There are many things to do during a gap year. While students might be tempted to do nothing at all, they should take advantage of…

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  • Time Management Reflection

    is extremely useful is to use a rating scale. If I know a particular task needs my attention by distinguishing that task from the rest, will allow my eyes to go right to the task, bypassing the rest of the list. Another tip that I found helpful is tip 20 which discuses, after getting caught up, analyze why you fell behind in the first place. I have learned over the years I take on too much, for example last semester I took 5 courses. I was going strong until the last 3 weeks, at that time…

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  • Dazzlers Of Mcneese Case Study

    McNeese State University Student Organization Constitution Academic Year 2015-2016 (Dazzlers of McNeese) Article 1: Purpose - The name of this organization shall be named “Dazzlers of McNeese,” started by four students and its purpose is to give other young ladies with dance experience, the opportunity to dance again and be more involved with campus life. - This non- coed organization is open to all races. Article 2: Membership - Dazzlers of McNeese shall be comprised 100 % of McNeese State…

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