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  • The Chrysanthemums Analysis

    SA 2: "The Chrysanthemums" is a short story of John Steinbeck which reflects the frustration in the present life of Elisa Allen, strong and proud woman. This frustration arises from not having a child as well as from the dissatisfaction in a romantic relationship with her husband. The only possible way out for Elisa's frustration is her beautiful flower garden where she plants chrysanthemums. The author frequently uses chrysanthemums as a symbol as well as a number of other items in order to more vividly represent the internal state of the protagonist. One of the most important symbols in the story are chrysanthemums which fairly represent Elisa. Similar to Elisa, chrysanthemums are limited to quite a narrow setting, particularly the garden, with no way to escape. These flowers are undoubtedly beautiful, however, do not serve any valuable function. The same applies to Elisa as she is unable to perform more than a limited set of duties and surely none of them would let her be completely independent or at least provide for herself. Also, it can be stated that chrysanthemums symbolize the children of Elisa. She watches over her garden and looks after the chrysanthemums with genuine care and love, exactly as she would care for her own children. "No aphids were there, no sowbugs or snails or cutworms" (Osborne). These flowers are representative of Elsa's children and she remains very proud of them. In addition, the Salinas Valley, where the plot is set, is also a symbol which…

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  • Iggy Azalea

    Iggy Azalea was supposed to meet pop star Britney Spears for lunch on Wednesday’s episode of the “Watch what happens live!” Iggy has claimed that Britney’s people take great care of her and that also to such an extent that they literally swept through her house before the star arrived for lunch. The team made sure that they keep a check on everything which could disturb the mood or preference of their queen. They are extremely protective of the star, which made them monitor and check Iggy’s…

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  • Iggy Azalea Research Paper

    Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea are both very popular rappers who were born outside the United States. Although they both are living their dream career, Azalea had to work a little harder to get there. While Nicki and Iggy were both raised by both parents, Minaj had a tougher childhood. School isn’t for everybody, and Iggy shows us that, and that in some cases, you can still be successful without it. Nicki Minaj birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born December 8th, 1982, in Saint James,…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Flowers Analysis

    novel. The three flowers are the camellias, azaleas, and geraniums. First thing that is going to talked about the meaning of the camellias. The first meaning of it is as a representation of the racism in the south. As Ms.Dubose says on pg.146, “Thought you could kill my Snow-on-the-Mountain, did you? Well, Jessie says the top’s growing back out. Next time you’ll know how to do it right, won’t you? You’ll pull it up by the roots, won’t you?”. That represents that if you want to take away the…

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  • A Jury Of Her Peers Essay On Justice

    books is a murder case. In this trope, there is a victim, an unknown murderer, and the detectives. At the end of the story line, the murderer is discovered and punished, fulfilling the need for justice. However, in “A Municipal Report” by O. Henry and “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell, the authors add a twist. In their stories, one feels that justice has prevailed when the victim is murdered, not when the murderer is caught. In both of these short stories, the literary technique of…

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  • Analyzing Fantin-Latour's Painting

    The lines in the tablecloth lead the eye toward the azalea bush, the table top, and the tablecloth’s edging. Lines belonging to the objects upon the table all have circular edges. The circumference of these objects leads the eye around each piece to capture detail. The branches of the azalea bush point upward toward the table while the leaves seem to point away. Brush strokes that create the wall also add faint horizontal lines to draw the eye back to the painting. Overall, lines appear to be a…

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  • Significance Of Flowers In To Kill A Mockingbird

    There are many instances in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, where flowers symbolize the character that grows them. The flowers and their meanings are connected to the way the character that grows them presents themselves. Harper Lee purposely set the book up this way so the reader could see the somewhat hidden connection. Three instances where characters connect to the flowers they grow are, Miss Maudie Atkinson and her azaleas; Mayella Violet Ewell and her geraniums; Mrs. Henry…

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  • What Does The Flowers Symbolize In To Kill A Mockingbird

    In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s use of flowers as a symbol demonstrates different character identities throughout the story. One way Lee symbolizes character identities is through Miss Maudie's Azaleas. At the end of chapter eight Miss Maudie says, “Always wanted a smaller house, Jem Finch. Gives me more yard. Just think, I’ll have more room for my azaleas now” (73). This is Miss Maudie's response after her house burnt down which demonstrates that she sees the positive qualities…

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  • Explanations: Propeller Crab

    Explanations Animals 1.) Fiddler Crab-I knew that this animal was a fiddler crab because of its habitat. It lived in the mud in my back yard that is part of the intercostal. I also knew it was a fiddler crab because of its huge claw resembling a fiddle, hence its name. 2.) Millipede-I knew this was millipede because it had 2 pairs of legs on each body segment, attached to the underside of its body. It also had spiracles on the underside of its body. Plants 1.) Rose-I knew this was a rose…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Providence Canyon

    So, nearly forty years later in 1971, the state of Georgia decided to officially name it a state park instead. Governor Jimmy Carter signed this bill into law on June 1 of that year. Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon" is a testament to the power of man's influence on the land. Massive gullies as deep as 150 feet were caused simply by poor farming practices during the 1800s, yet today they make some of the prettiest photographs within the state. The rare Plum leaf Azalea grows only in this…

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