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  • Pursuit Of The American Dream In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    For Willy, his adventurer / explorer brother, Ben, and his salesman hero, Dave Singleman, are images of success, but the character of Ben is fantastical and the achievements of Dave are idealised and exaggerated. Using these as his benchmarks, Willy can never achieve the success he so desperately craves. Through a series of flashbacks in the play, where we witness Willy's persistent efforts to make the American Dream a reality for himself and his family, Miller launches a scathing attack on the very notion of the dream. He questions the values upon which American society is based and the way in which these contribute to the destruction of a man such as…

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  • Rhetoric In Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    The freedom of slaves King’s speech has been known as a masterpiece of rhetoric. One rhetorical device that King used is repetition. There are many examples that show repetition but the most common example in the speech is “I have a dream” that shows different aspects of King’s vision of rhetorical harmony. As learnt in class, Kairos shows opportunity, time and place. The speech was so powerful because of its kairos. In one of the sections, King repeated the phrase “one hundred years later”…

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  • Trump's Antithesis

    One of the greatest weapons a President has in their inaugural address is their use of antithesis. Trump is no exception. He explains when discussing the government “The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs.” His antithesis specifically criticizes the previous government. Trump acknowledges the fortitude of the government by using the metonymy of “establishment” since it…

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  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Antithesis

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe is a novel that was written as a call to action to its readers against slavery in the United States. Through many characters, mainly Tom, Stowe illustrates the heart-breaking realities of slavery to her readers. One instrumental way that Stowe did this was through the rhetorical device of antithesis. Two characters who embody Stowe’s use of antithesis are Tom Loker and Mr. Haley. Haley is described as a “short, thickset man” (3) and Loker as having a…

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  • Explain The Hegelian Antithesis Of The Enlightenment

    Romanticism: The Hegelian Antithesis to the Enlightenment Jared Cartier Carson High School B6 AP Literature September 19 2017 Mr Macy Cartier 1 The Romantic era was a time when people focused on their own self improvement of art and literature and receded the the era of Enlightenment which was focused on philosophical thinking of human nature. Both era’s were times when many great works of literature and art were produced. However the Romantic…

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  • What Is The Antithesis Of What's Eating Gilbert Grape

    The music in the film plays a vital role in allowing the audience to understand the intentions and inner conflicts of the characters. In doing so, the film music can allow the mental illness that a character is experiencing to come to life on the screen, and allow the audience to relate to that character’s emotional state. Additionally, there are instances where the film music tries to do the opposite and play off of another character, and against the protagonist’s inner thought and feelings,…

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  • The Antithesis Of Greatness In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Intro: Greatness is a trait that one achieves through honesty and self-fulfillment. Illustrious people are usually those who leave a legacy in a positive way, allowing individuals to obtain morals from those great people’s lives. In this way, the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a contradictory title for the novel because the character being described as great, Jay Gatsby, does not satisfy the requirements to be judged as a great man. Fitzgerald ironically creates a character that…

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  • Romantic Elements, Repetition And Antithesis In Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

    In the poem “Annabel Lee”, Edgar Allen Poe utilizes romantic elements, repetition and antithesis to express the themes of love that survives mortality and malicious envy that all develop from the narrator’s infatuation with his childhood love, Annabel Lee. This romance grew from a pure, innocent love into a deeply rooted infatuation as the narrator romanticized the notion of Annabel Lee. The origin of the poems stems from the relationship between childhood sweethearts. As the narrator was a…

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  • John F Kennedy Inaugural Address Summary

    22).” With this purpose, he skillfully uses rhetorical tools such as antithesis and chiasmus to connect to Americans and to the world, unite them and encourage them to join this global fight over their freedom. The response of American citizens to his appeal was large and became a great momentum to support the new president and his visions. According to Clarke Thurston (2005), Kennedy got only 49.7 percent of popular vote when he won the 1960 election, but he received an approval rating of 72…

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  • John F Kennedy Inaugural Address Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    anxieties. Kennedy uses auditory literary devices, antithesis, and parallelism to create a strong sense of nationalism and unity in a time where these ideals were hard to envision. Devices like alliteration and consonance are especially useful in speeches, as they add to the audience's understanding and remembrance of important ideas or phrases.…

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