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  • Nikola Tesla's Alternating Future

    “We need to understand the universe, it’s virtually around us at all times.” - Nikola Tesla. The inventions that Nikola Tesla made were remarkable and changed the world in many ways across his lifetime. ("Nikola Tesla Biography.”) . The Alternating Current is the most recognizable of all his inventions, and is still widely used across the globe to this day. The Alternating Current can make electricity flow either direction, which is more useful than the Direct Current which flows in only 1…

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  • Thomas Edison Persuasive Speech

    Nix states that Tesla favored AC and Edison favored DC, in order to discredit Tesla, Edison showed that AC was dangerous by using it to make the first electric chair (Nix). Transition: Edison was not the inventor that we remember. II. Thomas Edison was willing to cross lines to get what he wanted…

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  • The Importance Of The Centennial Exhibition

    The Centennial Exhibition was an exhibition in Philadelphia of many inventions, including revolutionary ones like the telephone, the typewriter, the Corliss steam engine, the mechanical calculator, Popcorn, a piece of the statue of liberty, and the banana was brought to America. The Centennial Exhibition of 1876 was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United States of America. “The International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Products of the Soil and Mine, more simply…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired…

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  • Consumer Report: Sanitary Towel

    After reviewing literature regarding the history of paper towels. I discovered that paper towels, also known as the “kitchen towel roll”, was invented in 1931 by Arthur Scott in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Arthur along with his two brothers, are the founders of The Scott Paper Company. Arthur got the idea of inventing paper towels from in article he read regarding a teacher providing her students with soft paper when suffering from colds. Arthur received a railroad car full of paper during a…

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  • How Did Alexander Graham Bell Impact Society

    In addition to the wide catalog of innovative technology on display, the Exhibition was very well known for hosting some of the most iconic inventors in history. “One new invention which interested hardly anybody, yet which would affect the nation profoundly, was Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. It attracted less notice than the packages of magic tricks on sale nearby” (Brown 132-133). Although Bell was not a United States citizen at the time, his invention was displayed on American soil and…

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  • Thomas Edison Informative Speech

    Right now, I want you to take a look at your phone. When you do this you will find many different components that make your phone, well, your phone. The screen is lit up. Voice transmitting, really making it a phone. There is a camera, which is along the lines of motion photography. Music recorded on your phone, dating back to the first phonograph. And last but not least, a nickel alkaline battery, powering the whole phone. What does this have to do with what I am researching, you may ask? All…

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  • Tesla Competitive Advantage

    Also, Tesla is ready to build charging stations in U.S. so that drivers can drive across the country for free. 3. Use the Four Criteria test to evaluate whether Tesla has a sustainable competitive advantage. • Valuable Capabilities: Yes. Even though Tesla sells not too many cars, compare to Big Three, German, Japanese, and Korean carmakers, Tesla is still generating more revenues each year. Also, the stock price increased rigorously…

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  • Da Vinci Vs Thomas Edison

    Who was a better inventor LeoNardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? It has been long debated on who was a better inventor, Leonardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? Thomas Edison might have been a leading inventor in his time, because he created the light bulb but that was really his main achievement. Leonardo DA Vinci was better because he had more inventions, better known for his work, and he was specialized in many lines of inventing. Now you really need to think Thomas Edison was responsible for…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Ghost Boy And This Railroad Changed America'

    “Thousands of workers from China helped build America’s Transcontinental Railroad” (Lewis). Kenneth Oppel and Kristin Lewis are both authors of two great stories with different aspects of America’s Transcontinental Railroad. Kenneth Oppel is the author of “The Ghost Boy”, a story about a fourteen year old boy named Luke is traveling on a train with his father. He happens to stumble upon a ghost; a victim to the making of the Transcontinental Railroad. Kristen Lewis is the author of an…

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