Marketing Strategy: A Case Study Of TESA


Today, after the launch of Model-S, TESLA gains the high amount of profit and get the strong position in the competitive environment under which TOYOTA, HONDA and others has already got a secure position. The roadster was the first product of TESLA, but it was not affordable prices. TESLA is using the EVs technology instead of an automobile oil system. Its products are environment friendly and save the travel cost. Because of use of modern technology TESLA has a big market only in developed countries. Now TESLA is working on the making the low cost product for the customers to expend their user circle.
TESLA has the modern trends of marketing and selling of the products. Instead of dealers they have their own stores, where their customers
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Situation analysis is based on the external and internal risks and factors that affect the profit and working of the company. At External level in TESLA, the company is suffering from the trouble of having only the fixed group of customers of upper-middle class in developed countries like U.S.A and U.K. The TESLA products are affordable for only people who got the high income. Because of this problem, TESLA is facing problem in entering in under-developed countries. Apart from this the best things in TESLA related external environment is that they have the secure future. Because, the government is providing the special incentives to the environment healthy EVs vehicles. “Both the industry and government are betting that a quick takeoff in electric-car sales will drive down the battery prices. But a number of scientists and automotive engineers believe cost reductions will be hard to come by” (RAMSEY …show more content…
They are using the best part for the manufacture of high speed automobiles which are responsible for life time working. But, these high quality parts need high capital investment which eventually moves towards the high price product. And this high price product is only for high income customers. TESLA has a strong competitive environment in which TOYOTA, HONDA and NISSAN has a good public reputation. They are producing the reasonable cost product. By, analyzing this fact TESLA launched Model S that has the less price then its earlier products. The Table 1 will give you the comparative analysis between the TESLA Roadster and others (Elon Musk

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