Adequacy Of Productivity And Operations Management In The Case Of Tesla

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1. Design of Goods and Services. In this area of strategic decision, the operations managers focus more on how the organization’s products are affecting costs, quality objectives and resources. This concern is addressed through simultaneous innovation. An example when it comes to ensuring productivity in manufacturing advanced electric vehicles, Tesla continuously innovates its supply chain systems. Furthermore, their operations management maintains its focus on electric czars. A focus like this optimizes the organizational capacity for innovating products. 2. Quality Management. The main objective in the strategic decision are of operations management is to satisfy customer’s quality expectations. Tesla addresses this objective through their research, which is done on a regular basis in the automotive market. Additionally, the company continues to improve its …show more content…
Maintenance. Adequacy of resources and production capacity serve as the objectives in this strategic decision area when it comes to operations management. Tesla ensure resource competence through regular inventory monitoring that makes shift accordingly to the market demand. The company addresses the objective of adequate production capacity through a small but significant degree of excessive processes and their production resources. For instance, Tesla maintains excess production capacity in some of their facilities. Such redundancy allows Tesla to rapidly increase their production if there is a sudden market demand change for electric vehicles. By have such a operating management approach, Tesla creates a flexibility and responsiveness in their productivity. Tesla’s Measures of Productivity. Tesla measures their productivity bases on their automobile production. The company utilize certain productivity criteria for its corporate office operations management. Below are some of the measures that determine Tesla's productivity: 1. Powertrain units per day (Auto production plant facility

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