Case Study Of Tesla

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Introduction According to Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, “Tesla may be in position to disrupt industries well beyond the realms of traditional auto manufacturing.” (Hettich & Muller-Stewens, 2014) This case study is about how Tesla recognized certain trends, innovated their business model while creating value for consumers, and sustained a competitive advantage as competitors inside and outside of the auto industry are advancing and catching up. Furthermore, what challenges are ahead and does it make sense for Tesla to introduce a low-cost Model 3 for the general public.
Internal and External Elements Tesla’s initial goal was to manufacture exquisite electric sport cars, Roadster, with superior performance, however, on the verge
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One of the resources and core competencies encompasses the battery technology, electric powertrains of the power, motor, and gearbox, and the control system to operate the vehicle. By introducing the concept of battery-powered over gasoline-powered and increasing customer acceptance of extended mileages, shorter charging time, and stronger security, business value drivers can be achieved through the efficiency of operating the interconnected system. (Hettich & Muller-Stewens, 2014) This answer one of the key questions on how activities can be combined and interacted to create a new business model structure and create value by linking these activities in novel ways. (Amit & Zott, …show more content…
(O’Shannassy, 2008) One area of deficiencies revolves around publicly available Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), accessibility to Supercharger technology, and the deployment of compatible charging capabilities throughout the infrastructure to ensure consumers confident. Also, regulatory conditions could change quickly as governments reduce ZEV credits or restriction of selling cars directly to consumers lower the amount of cars being sold. To confront this issue, Mr. Musk is prepared to lobby and fight these battles in Washington. (Hettich & Muller-Stewens,

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