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  • Who Is George Patton A Hero

    Death, Love, Life, Murder! George Patton was a rising leader in the world as a young boy. The future famed World War Two General always had a knack for leadership. General George S. Patton was a tank commander during the Second World War that managed to do unbelievable things in war. His men respected him and hated him at times. Since Patton was such a great leader he got business done. George Patton was a great American hero that had a knack for leadership and lead America to success even…

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  • Elements Of Warfare: The First And Second World War

    elements to warfare in the tank, aircraft, and the aircraft carrier. These three new forms of machinery impacted the way war was fought in the Second World War. How did the use of tanks, aircraft, and aircraft carriers change from World War I to World War II? Tanks were first used in WWI but…

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  • The Influence Of The Somme Offensive On The Western Front

    were very tactically awkward. Commanders never before truly experimented with the concept of combine arms on this grand of a scale. This battle was famous for its advances in aerial tactics, as well as the first appearance of the British Mark 1 Tank. However, one of the key aspects of the Somme Offensive was not only did it feature one of the largest artillery barrages in history,…

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  • Essay On The Blitzkrieg

    armor led to an overwhelming success. The main ideals behind the use of the blitz was to soften enemy fortifications or targets of interest by applying air raids mainly composed of HE-111’s medium bombers or Ju-88/87’s for precision dive-bombing or tank hunting in order to make way for the ground units for the initial seizer (Wray3). And for the final stages of the attack would be to roll in a coordinated ground attack immediately after the initial air raid in order to catch the weakened…

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  • World War 1 Trenches Essay

    Did you know that about 200,000 people died in trenches during WW1? According to Britannica, trench warfare is, "Warfare in which opposing armed forces attack, counterattack, and defend from relatively permanent systems of trenches dug into the ground." Trenches are long dug-out ditches in the ground used to protect soldiers from new weaponry. The Carlisle Army website informs, "On the Western Front, Germany, Austria, and Hungary faced down the Allies, France and Britain over barbed-wired…

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  • Louisiana Maneuvers

    most complex and most important to be held in September 1941. The 1940 maneuvers began in May with 70,000 soldiers, who trained and “fought” in four separate exercises of three days each, beginning on May 9. After the May war games, several senior tank experts, including Colonel George S. Patton Jr., recommended the Army create separate armored divisions that could operate unencumbered by infantry or horse cavalry units. The recommendation was forwarded to Army Chief of Staff General George C.…

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  • David Ayer's Fury

    social problem, issue, controversy, or debate of your choice? Fury (2014) is a film directed by David Ayer about tank warfare in the final stages of WWII. It unequivocally shows the horror and trauma of war by engaging in scenes of brutality, gore, and emotional struggle. It follows an American tank commander (Brad Pitt) and his crew as they navigate the battlefield and face German tanks which are far superior to theirs. There are many issues and debates surrounding war which are brought to…

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  • 1960's Military Weapons

    “The T-10 can be considered the pinnacle "Josef Stalin" tank design as it is the tank that superseded previous forms and became the final product of the series” (militaryfactory.com). “It sported an all new main gun, redesigned body and turret and put upon itself all of the lessons learned through armed conflict in World…

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  • Kasserine Pass

    1. DEFINE THE SUBJECT/EVALUATE THE SOURSES: a. Battle of the Kasserine Pass The Battle of the Kassserine Pass took place during the Tunisian Campaign of World War II in February of 1943. The Kasserine Pass is a wide gap located on the Atlas Mountains in west central Tunisia. The Allied forces involved in the battle were the U.S Army’s II Corps and the British 6th Armored Division. The Axis forces involved were Afrika Korps Assult Group and two Panzer divisions from the 5th Panzer Army. 2.…

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  • Centurion Tank Analysis

    and superior tank accelerated, which put pressure on all the participating nations: Germany, Russia, the United States, and Great Britain. To compete against German tanks, the British government ordered engineers to design an adaptable tank in 1943. The engineers’ goal would be to design a far superior tank compared to the German counterparts; however, this project did not reach completion until the end of the war in 1945 (Ware 36). This tank design became known as the Centurion tank. Even…

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