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  • John Bruce Cairie: The Cause Of Inhumane War

    The tank was described by Bert Chaney, a soldier, as: Huge mechanical monsters such as we had never seen before. My first impression was that they looked ready to topple on their noses, but their tails and the two little wheels at the back held them down and…

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  • Essay On Military Advancements

    The first tank had armor not a single bullet could penetrate, leaving the enemy in the dust. The only weapons on the first tank were two machine guns on each side, a total of four all together. During World War Two tanks battles were an everyday occurrence. When the Korean War started the United States Forces found out how dependent they were on armored vehicles. With Korea’s rough terrain, the tanks could not get the edge they needed on the enemy. Modern…

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  • The Meaning Of Battle Of The Somme

    The plan was simple, practically unbeatable, and a sure win for the Allies. Nothing could possibly allow it to fail. The Battle of the Somme was a complete military blunder when the fight broke out on that dreadful July 1st morning in 1916, to when it ended on November 18th, 1916. Despite the fact that the French needed relief from the German’s at Verdun, the Somme Offensive was only supposed to be a short battle. What it turned into was a mass killing of numerous troops on both sides of the…

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  • Essay On Trebuchet

    Trebuchet: A machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles. This is one of the most important and game changing weapon of all time. When the trebuchet is fired, the weight box falls and the force of gravity causes rotational acceleration of the attached throwing arm around the axle (the fulcrum of the lever). The throwing arm is usually four to six times the length of the counterweight portion. These factors multiply the acceleration transmitted to the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Catapults During The Siege Warfare

    A catapult by definition is a ballistic device use to launch a projectile some distance, in particular. A catapult was a large machine on wheels with a basket attached to a long wooden arm and a power source for hurling projectiles such as large stones and spears. The catapults were integral to the Siege Warfare. They were one of the most effective weapons during the Siege Warfare. They were used by the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. The first catapults were early attempts to increase the range…

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  • Arguments Against Fish Enrichment

    treatment. In captivity, fish tanks are relatively under-stimulating compared to environments in the wild. It is thought that this disparity can cause stress or impaired cognitive function for the fish. It is simply recommended by the EU government that fish in captivity have enriched tanks. The fact that there has been little research done to discover potential benefits to enrichment might explain why there are no laws in place. Captive fish are often kept in barren tanks…

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  • The Importance Of Tanks In World War I

    dominated the war throughout the years were the tank. Tanks had more firepower in the form of machine guns, then the cannon, to provide supporting fire for attacking troops. Tanks were the strongest weapon in the war. Tanks first showed in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in 1916. Armored vehicles such as tanks started to build before World War I. When the war started, all of the country’s started to improve their armored vehicles for the war. Introducing tanks in the war was the best idea to…

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  • The Battle Of The Somme Film Analysis

    In this essay, I will be questioning whether the film ‘The Battle of the Somme’ provides a realistic picture of life in the trenches during the First World War. The Battle of the Somme, that had been fought in northern France, was one of the most violent battles that had taken place during the First World War. It had lasted five months while the British and French fought the Germans on a 15- mile front. The purpose of this battle was to hopefully alleviate the French who had been fighting at…

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  • Christmas In Jim Murphy's Book Truce

    Although I have read books and watched movies about WWI, I still had a lot to learn about this war. I knew little things about this topic, such as the war stopped before Christmas and restarted after New Year’s day. But, I always wondered why there was a truce over Christmas and was eager to learn more. I also knew that the German army was the strongest army in Europe and wanted to learn more about what made them so strong. After reading the book Truce by Jim Murphy I learned a lot more about…

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  • Who Is George Patton A Hero

    Death, Love, Life, Murder! George Patton was a rising leader in the world as a young boy. The future famed World War Two General always had a knack for leadership. General George S. Patton was a tank commander during the Second World War that managed to do unbelievable things in war. His men respected him and hated him at times. Since Patton was such a great leader he got business done. George Patton was a great American hero that had a knack for leadership and lead America to success even…

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