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  • Doctor Who Analysis

    The BBC’s Doctor Who initially aired in 1963, until it was canceled in 1989 (IMDb). In 2005, the show was rebooted under the direction of Russell T. Davies; in 2008, the role of show runner was passed on to Steven Moffat (Martin). Doctor Who has always been an episodic serial, following the adventures of a “time lord”—simply called “the Doctor”—and his companion. The Doctor can regenerate into a new body instead of dying—allowing the character to be portrayed by successive actors—and has a vessel known as the TARDIS that can take him anywhere in space and time. Under the direction of Steven Moffat, the plot of Doctor Who displayed more intricacy and narrative complexity, developing plot lines and character arcs that stretched across one or…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Time Travel

    As Alex Scarrow said, “Time travel is a terrifying weapon, far more powerful than anything ever conceived, mankind just is not ready for that kind of knowledge. We are like children playing with an atom bomb”. Time travel gives humans power that they are incapable of handling. We often take aspects that have the chance to be used for goodness and use them to benefit our selfish desires. Time travel also puts people in a supernatural place of authority. Not to mention the unintended…

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  • Analyzing Ron Grainer's 'Doctor Who Theme Song'

    was realized by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This song is one of the first electronic theme songs for television. The theme song was originally written in an E Minor. The current “Doctor Who Theme Song” is arranged by Murray Gold. Doctor Who is a British television show about a time lord (currently played by Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor) who travels in time and space in a British police telephone box called the TARDIS. The TARDIS is a spaceship that can travel anywhere…

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  • Common Sense Reading Reflection

    vivid imageries that I not only took notes of what they said, but what I saw in my own head. I was incorporating images that came into my mind as the poet's words were slipping around me. I wrote down phrases that seemed important to both me and the poet. I began to realize that there was a repetition, not only in individuals poems but a theme that was included in all three. Bones littered my page besides the words. Death, and more specifically, bones are mentioned or spoken about in all three…

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  • Tom Buchanan Materialism

    I am travelling with the Doctor, in the infamous TARDIS! Who knew that the television show Doctor Who was a reality? The Doctor tells me that we are dropping by New York in the 1920s, sometime before the stock crash. As we both exit the TARDIS, I see a beautiful, regal house. There are moving trucks and workers taking multitudes of furniture and decorations out of a wide set of double doors. It reminds me of the end of The Great Gatsby, and when the Doctor hears this, they laugh and point at a…

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  • Dalek Summary

    These two episodes occur in the United States, during the 1930s. The first episode:“Daleks in Manhattan” begins with showgirl Tallulah speaking to her boyfriend, Laszlo, before her performance. After Tallulah leaves, Laszlo follows a strange sound and he is surprised to see a pig capturing him. A few days after this incident, the Doctor and his companion, Martha, arrive from the TARDIS, a time-machine. In order to find what is happening, both of them talk to Solomon, the community leader of…

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  • Albert Einstein: Time Dilation

    Most people imagine time as a constant. Physicist Albert Einstein illustrated that time is an illusion that it is relative which it can differ for different observers depending on the speed through space. To Einstein, time is a fourth dimension and space is described as a three-dimensional field, which provides a traveler with coordinates such as length, height and width showing location. Time provides one more coordinate direction although conventionally, it only moves forward. Time…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Transhumanism

    believe strongly in any religion do not even consider the validity of Transhumanism, and merely write the cause off as ‘toying with nature’, or ‘playing god’. This belief is completely irrational, especially due to the urgency of humanity’s situation as previously discussed, it’s stubborn to doom our species as a result of a meagre religious value. Risking the future of everyone you know and love, is barely justifiable. Awareness of the consequences for not taking Transhumanism seriously needs…

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  • Copper's Room-Personal Narrative Analysis

    My bunny, Copper, has always been a good distraction from my troubles. He makes me laugh when I feel my lowest; he burrows with me in the blankets when I need a friend; he is a fabulous listener, and he makes even the most overcast days brighter. Whimsically jumping to the gate of the cage as I saunter into the bedroom; Copper is always jovial to see me. In addition to all this, Copper has also proven to act as an inspiration to me as well; the very center of an event that has impacted who I…

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  • Why Is The Exclusion Clause Enforceable?

    ambiguity in the interpretation of the clause goes against the party seeking to enforce the clause (James, N 2014, p309). Application: The background is that Donna was running the cloakroom during the first year anniversary party. Donna gave the person who hands over a piece of clothing a ticket which has number on the front and claims on the opposite side: “we do not take any responsibility or liability for clothing checked in to our cloakroom”. Travis was afraid of that tripped over twice by…

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