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  • Solid Phase Synthesis Essay

    A novel solid-phase synthesis methodology of N-substituted-2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine derivatives was developed. The key step in this synthesis strategy is tandem reaction of isothiocyanate terminated resin 2 with o-halo-2-aminopyrazine, affording cyclized 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine resin 4. To increase the diversity of our library, Suzuki coupling reaction was performed at the position C6. Further functionalization of 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine core skeleton with various electrophiles such as alkyl halides, acyl chlorides, and sulfonyl chlorides and cleavage from the resin with TFA in DCM generated N-alkyl-, N-acyl-, and N-sulfonyl-2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine derivatives. This synthetic strategy can efficiently provide a library…

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  • Analysis Of The Automotive Industry

    The great recession in America was an economic disaster. In 2008, almost 8 million people lost their jobs. Along with that, it wiped out small and big businesses. Not only did it affect the US, but other countries who traded with the US experienced some changes too. The industry that faced major losses was automotive. The automotive industry was hit particularly hard and plays a big role in the economy. In this essay, i will analyze the automotive industry, its major competitors and the time…

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  • Automobile Industry Research Paper

    Abstract In the united states we have change over the last three centuries. From the train when they first started the railroad system. Wagons and carriage was created that people could drive themselves on the dirt roads other than horses. Then cars were creating around the time the highway system cane into place. When Henry Ford decided to have the mass production of cars made it became the one of the most innovation for the car industry. When cars first came to be popular the “biggest three…

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  • Case Study Of Maruti Suzuki

    Coursework Maruti Suzuki Case Analysis Organizational Dynamics Submitted To: Submitted by: Mrs. Deepika Hooda Jyoti Solanki Registration No: PG20135146 Email id: Executive Summary The Business world in India is marked by strong competition, uncertainty, non-linear growth, turbulence and all this is very much seen in the auto mobile industry. There is lot of…

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  • Shinkansen Paragraph

    Shinkansen(新幹線) Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway line in Japan, which is order by 4 Japan Railway Group companies. It is the first high-speed railway line for commercial purposes of the world. The first Shinkansen line, Tokaido Shinkansen, was start operating at 1964, has totally 2,615.7 km of lines with maximum speeds of 240–320 km/h. The Shinkansen network link most of large city on the island of Honshu and Kyushu, such as Tokyo and Osaka. Shinkansen means new trunk line,…

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  • Gender Discrimination In The Automotive Industry Essay

    In the automotive industry we always see women modeling on cars but not so often working on the cars. Why is that? Discrimination, gender sexism, etc. Well That's exactly what people would think it is. I will talk about the discrimination and gender sexism against women mechanics in the automotive industry. In the automotive field women are constantly being discriminated. How are they being discriminated? “Women are faced with sexual harassment by fellow colleagues during work hours on and…

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  • Ratan Tata Case Study

    ANS 1. Following are the challengers face by the Tata Motors- 1. Ratan Tata proposed the idea of delivering the car for the people in the year 1994. The total estimated time is for five years and planned to contact with more than fifty dealer for the distribution of the car all over the India. And also planned to book for 10000 car in the first slot and the 50000 car booking in the second slot. There were market competition prevailing at that time. 2. In the year when Ratan Tata announced about…

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  • Maruti Suzuki Case Study

    Maruti Suzuki also commonly known as Maruti is India’s largest automobile manufacturer headquartered in New Delhi. It has turnover of 43,000Cr and market capitalisation of just above 1 lac crore. It was established in 1981 but actual production started in 1983. When it was established, Government of India held 74% stake and Suzuki held 26% stake. Eventually Government of India sold its entire stake and currently it is subsidiary of Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki has almost 40% market share of passenger…

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  • Low Floor Bus Case Study

    Comparative Analysis of level of Service between Low Floor Buses and Mini Buses-A Case Study of Bhopal City Ajay Pratap Singh A. K. Sharma Civil Engineering, MANIT-Bhopal Civil Engineering, MANIT-Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462039, India Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462039, India …

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  • Sales Strategy Formulation Case Study

    quality to quality in most recent 7 years alongside its primary client Maruti Suzuki. SKH Metals was honoured real business and subsequently taken after MSIL in setting up another plant in Manesar. This new office is spread more than 4 sections of land. This office was further extended to 6 sections of land in 2009-10 to benefit the developing business of MSIL. With MSIL 's innovation raid, SKH Metals likewise settled different specialized cooperation’s with the main Global Tier 1 auto segment…

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