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Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway line in Japan, which is order by 4 Japan Railway Group companies. It is the first high-speed railway line for commercial purposes of the world. The first Shinkansen line, Tokaido Shinkansen, was start operating at 1964, has totally 2,615.7 km of lines with maximum speeds of 240–320 km/h. The Shinkansen network link most of large city on the island of Honshu and Kyushu, such as Tokyo and Osaka. Shinkansen means new trunk line, referring to the high-speed rail line network. The other name of Shinkansen is Superexpress, was used for Hikari(means “light”) trains and was changed in 1972. The trips of Shinkansen is intensive. The line between Tokyo and Osaka, the two largest city in Japan,
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It carry over three hundred million passengers per year, however, even if this huge number of passenger travel by Shinkansen every year, they have been no accident happen in Shinkansen network. Companies set the safety gate at each platform in order to prevent accidents, even government provides people mustn’t cross the track or impede operation of Shinkansen.

Shinkansen has 3 type of class, they are Ordinary Car, Green Car (first class cars) and GranClass. Each class have different price. Passenger can buy a ticket on Automatic ticket machines and ticket office in train station, also can book a ticket on
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Gateways of metro are complex as well. It’s better to do research before taking metro in Tokyo.

The average number of passengers in Metro of Tokyo is over 8.5 million per day, which is twice the New York subway. For rush hours of a day, over two to three minutes a train arrival. For the convenience of passengers, they have WI-FI in every train station. If passengers need help, they have Advisory Service in every station as well.

Narita International Airport(成田国際空港)
Narita International Airport is located in Narita city, Chiba Prefecture. It is the biggest international airport in Japan for holding around 50% of the country's international passenger traffic and 60% of its international air cargo traffic. Most of passengers in Narita Airport are from Tokyo, although there are about 60 kilometers from central Tokyo.

There are totally three terminals in Narita Airport. Terminal 1 have North Wing, Central Building and South Wing which is include “Narita Nakamise”, the largest airport duty-free shopping mall in Japan. The third terminal was opened on April 8, 2015, for low-cost carriers. Hotel in Japan

The Peninsula

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