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  • SWOT Analysis: Motilal Oswal Pvt Ltd

    2 COMPANY PROFILE Motilal Oswal Pvt Ltd is an independent, full service private wealth management Organization Pioneered fee based mid-market wealth management in India, with 844289 Clients and an AUM of over US$ 200 m. MOSPL was incorporated in 1987 as a relationship driven full service Management Consultancy Firm. Motilal Oswal ranks among the top 10 List Stock players in almost all the fields it operates. MOSPL group has been building value as a trusted advisor to major corporates, high…

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  • Analysis Of Walmart Surprises With Dim Outlook

    The Wall Street Journal “Walmart Surprises with Dim Outlook” In the article “Walmart Surprises with Dim Outlook,” the desperate and concerned tone of the workers show their feelings towards a situation. For the last couple of years everything has been looking well for the worldwide known company. However, everything has turned upside down when they see their sales and profit for this year so far. Due to this event, not only is it affecting Walmart but all the other manufacturers as well. The…

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  • The Gravest Economic Crisis: The Causes Of The Great Depression

    The gravest economic crisis of the 20th century, which, caused by the stock market crash on Wall Street in the United States on October 24th, 1929, called “Black Thursday”, propagated in the whole universe, the lively in a decade of market recession a massive growth of the unemployment and the poverty, but also by profound social and political shifts. Later the First Word War, the economic system of the United States was booming, and the technology innovation for the home appliances as…

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  • Social Class System In Lambourne's Die Fledermaus

    the end of the nineteenth century, Vienna became anti-Semitist. According to the doctoral thesis by Jeralyn Lambourne: “The Jews became an object of hatred after the stock market collapse in 1873, because many of them had been speculators in the market and were blamed for the crash.” Strauss took the opportunity by having a Jewish “stock” character Dr. Blind, Eisenstein lawyer. In Die Fledermaus, Dr. Blind is a timid person that stutters occasionally. He is one of the few characters in the…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay: The Great Depression In America

    about the causes of Great Depression, most people will respond “the stock market”. Definitely, it’s one of the reason, and it didn't just cause people lose money, it cause way more than that. At that time period, the stock market continuously…

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  • Alibaba Case Study 2013

    Introduction On September 19, 2014, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Alibaba Group), had an initial public offering of American depository shares at $68 per share on the New York Stock Exchange. This deal raised $25 billion for Alibaba Group, making it the world’s largest IPO. The listing ensured Alibaba surpass a previous global record set by Agricultural Bank of China in 2010, and also made Alibaba one of the most valuable technological companies, comparable to the…

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  • The Eclipse Of The Public Corporation: Article Analysis

    buy-outs, downsizing, senior management stock options, breaking up of multi-divisional companies, reduction in head office staff, loss of corporate AAA credit ratings, and concentration of dispersed shareholdings through mutual funds and investment banks. All of these were features of the corporate landscape in the last two decades of the twenties century (Davis, 2009 cited in Willman, 2004). Theoretical point relates to the efficient markets hypothesis. Markets know better than managers and…

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  • The Great Depression Dbq

    The Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted almost 10 years; It was a time period when the America had the most severe economic. The majority of American left their home with dream to earn money to support their family; even teenagers left school to get a chance to work in order to find a better life on their own. People who found a work during the Great Depression would have a bad living condition provided. The owner housed them with a shanty, barn, or even an open field. However, the wage…

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  • BEV: Business, Economic And Valuation Analysis

    that scores the stock valuation in relationship to the company 's business fundamentals and economics. The system employs, generally, a passive buy-and-hold strategy with minimal re-balancing activity. A stock may be replaced once every 1 to 5 years. Although the research in the attached document, shows the performance of 1, 3, 5, and 10 years holding periods of a single portfolio, the average holding period is 3 to 5 years. The system invests in small, mid and large cap stocks and is not…

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  • Mutual Funds Advantages And Disadvantages

    Advantages of Mutual funds 1. Professional management:- an average investor or normal person who wants to invest in the capital market, lacks the knowledge of capital market operations and does not have large resources to get the benefits of investment. So they need an expert but il will be too expensive and difficult to find a real expert. So here mutual funds are managed by professionals who have skills and experience to analyse the performanceof companies. 2. Portfolio diversification:- an…

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