Cause And Effects Of The Stock Market Crash

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Register to read the introduction… As the growing bubble of the stock market suddenly stopped some of the wealthiest people in our country instantly became paupers. Of coarse as a direct result of the crash, the economy weakened and unemployment skyrocketed.
Now as to whether the crash was the case of the great depression is still strongly debatable. Since the great depression happened after the 1929 stock market crash, many people blamed it for the economic collapse. Some held President Hoover responsible, others targeted the brokers, bankers, and businessmen. Others still say that the cause of the great depression could not be credited to one individual or to a group of people. It seems unlikely that the collapse of stock prices would have been sufficient enough to lead the U.S. economy into economic depression.
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When asked this simple question most experts agree that in our present economic situation something like The Depression couldn't develop. This is because the US passed many additional laws during the 30's to prevent a stock market crash from re-occurring so that the economy would not falter so badly again. The United States government made changes in the regulation of stock exchanges, providing much greater protection for investors. If something like The Stock market crash started again federal bureaus would step in and attempt to prevent

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