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  • BEV: Business, Economic And Valuation Analysis

    that scores the stock valuation in relationship to the company 's business fundamentals and economics. The system employs, generally, a passive buy-and-hold strategy with minimal re-balancing activity. A stock may be replaced once every 1 to 5 years. Although the research in the attached document, shows the performance of 1, 3, 5, and 10 years holding periods of a single portfolio, the average holding period is 3 to 5 years. The system invests in small, mid and large cap stocks and is not…

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  • Mutual Funds Advantages And Disadvantages

    Advantages of Mutual funds 1. Professional management:- an average investor or normal person who wants to invest in the capital market, lacks the knowledge of capital market operations and does not have large resources to get the benefits of investment. So they need an expert but il will be too expensive and difficult to find a real expert. So here mutual funds are managed by professionals who have skills and experience to analyse the performanceof companies. 2. Portfolio diversification:- an…

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  • Roaring Twenties Dbq

    It has been argued that the stock market crash of 1929 was the worst financial crises that the United States has ever seen. Prior to the crash during the 1920s society as a whole was experiencing some of the most prosperous times that had ever been seen throughout the history of the United States. The era definitely earned its nickname the Roaring Twenties. Throughout these well-to-do times, there was a wealth of money, optimism, and excitement. However, all good things must come to an end. It…

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  • Sula Vineards Case Study

    over two whole years to gain license to produce wine • Soil and climate was a challenge for wine production • Indian beverage market was dominated by other drinks, but not wine. • Bank was against Samant due to no tract of his business line. • Due to poor distribution of product, there was slow turnover of Sula in market. • Lack of awareness as there was no right market to display the product. • He attempted to improve the way of viticulture in India and has made open root supplies of the…

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  • Midas Formula Case Study

    predict the markets and eliminate the uncertainty. Popular method to control risk is by quantifying probability by measuring how much prices moved in the past and calculated…

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  • Market Index And IPO Underpricing Case Study

    less visible and less interesting to market agents. The liquidity of its shares is heavily influenced by the company size as smaller company generated and disclosed lesser information to the public, created lower attention and thus lesser analysts to follow up. When this…

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  • Ploax Case Study

    fund invest mainly in stock that is almost entirely in small-cap companies. Small-cap stock tends to be more volatile so this stock has an unusually high turnover rate resulting in higher fees. PLOAX has an expense fee of 1.2%, which is below the average, PLOAX is also a up front loaded fund with a sales fee of 5.5%, which is average for this type of fund. The type of stocks PLOAX invested in usually consist of common, preferred or ADR’s. PLOAX almost exclusively buys only US stock with 99% of…

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  • Roaring 1920's Essay

    were utterly slaughtered by the end of the decade. America’s short official involvement in World War I had fortified the economy with wartime industry and increasingly productive technologies supporting manufacturing. Business was soaring and the stock markets followed suit, with an unprecedented surge that continued almost the entire decade. Even so, the World War left a sour taste in the mouth of Americans who had supported President Wilson through both neutrality and entry into the war, and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Minimum Wage

    The Minimum Wage: Raise it or Keep it? The minimum wage has been a hot topic discussion item in this country for many years. It was an even more pressing issue during the stock market crash and the eventual re-build of our economy. It seems both sides of the aisle have their own opinion on the matter, and nobody is really budging on making a compromise. What needs to happen is a bi-partisan agreement on wages that supports workers and their families, but what businesses can afford. Raising the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Share Trading

    Never lose more than 10% of your investment Do not stick with weak stock. Capital Protection is very important for trader to survive in share market and if you find your invested stock is falling beyond 10%, exit from it straightway. Also the key to success is a stop-loss order. Stop-loss restricts your losses at certain level. Suppose you are buying a share of Rs.100 and set…

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