How Did The New Deal Respond To The Great Depression?

Starting in the late 1929’s and lasting till about the outbreak of World War II in 1929. The Great Depression and the Stock Market Crash were the worst world wide crisis’ of the modern industrial era. The crash of the stocks was the most famous financial collapse. For eighty years now assumptions and analysis have been made about what went so horribly wrong. It took people awhile to figure it out because it’s not about who did what; it was a chain reaction by the faults of many people. People sought out early warnings and predicted this was going to happen. They weren 't listened to; and because of that people suffered from starvation and homelessness and other dreadful things! The Great Depression was a terrible time that eventually reached people no matter of wealth, social standings or education (Young).Each day got worse and worse as the population spiraled from a great downfall. Many families during the Great Depression lost …show more content…
People were forgotten and no food was coming in or out. People were starving. When Roosevelt became president he made a lot of changes and helped many lives. His whole plan was called the New Deal and new it was. Long after Roosevelt became president World War II started and it was hard to tell which of them really helped the population come out of the depression. The Stock Market Crash and Great Depression has applied a lasting memory to those that lived through it.
A stock market is an organized market for sale where many people can buy into a big business and if they do well they can make more money than they put into it (Duignan 51). The stock market has two important functions. The first function is that the stock market encourages people to invest into and

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