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  • High School Learning Advantages

    but it was a flexible schedule that just described what I needed to generally do each day of each month through the whole year. After organizing my textbooks and their folders, I would find all my books and order them in my “study box” to help me stay on track with the readings and extra things I needed to go through. Since I had a lot of diverse subjects that required different learning strategies, I always tried taking notes in accordance with my learning style preference and approached each…

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  • If I Grow Up Book Report

    population in the U.S. 50 percent of those black American make up the U.S. prisons. The book “If I Grow Up,” written by Todd Strasser illustrates the life of a boy named DeShawn who lives in the projects of Chicago. He wanted to take care of his family, stay in school, and avoid the gangs, but the fact that his family was starving, and them desperately needing money was enough for him to join the gang. So, DeShawn and his family started receiving money with some downfalls such as constantly…

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  • Uncle Hub's Character Relationships

    went to Las Vegas to hunt for a boyfriend because she felt so lonely in life. His great-uncles learned more about him during his stay, and Walter learns of the countless adventures they had in Africa and Uncle Hub’s love of his life. Hub started off as a gruff, cynical man, but over time he develops into the fatherly figure in Walter’s life. As a result of Walter’s stay, Uncle Hub made a walloping change: from a pessimistic, old grump to a loving…

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  • What I Learned How To Accept My Future

    adoptive parents. They took me in when I had no one. I never had a great relationship with my actual parents. I had come out as transgender when I was 20 and ever since things had gone downhill. These two individuals not only listened but they let me stay for a month or two when I first got to the state. When I visited I had felt like I was at home. They took me to Manitou Springs, I met people that understood my circumstances and welcomed me. Being, a transgender man I never really felt safe,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Hunted

    Simon must of stepped on a trap because the next thing we see is Simon scooped up by a net hanging from a tree. “ HELP ME!” “ We can’t stay from him. We’ll dig his grave later. We have to keep going.” says Grayson. I know this is a bad decision but it's either run or die. “I’m sorry.” I mouth to Simon. “NOOO!” screams Simon. We ran off into the forest. Tears ran down my face and I felt…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Student Athletes

    Athletes but Still Students Everybody thinks that athletes can just breeze by school but in reality it’s far from that. For me this topic is something I can talk about, because I was a student athlete for years. Student Athletes doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. Everybody thinks they are not the smartest, that the teachers just hand them grades they didn’t deserve, and staying up with little rest. It doesn’t matter if you play football, baseball, basketball, or softball, or any sport…

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  • Moral Dilemmas: Video Analysis

    the Pope and the world’s best heart surgeon. There are only enough building materials to build a two-man raft. Would I go and take the Pope with me, leaving behind the heart surgeon; go and take the heart surgeon with me, leaving behind the Pope; or stay behind and allow the other two people to go? Using the “ethical decision-making model” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p. 163-166), I will determine the best course of action for myself, the Pope, and the heart surgeon. 1. Articulate the problem.…

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  • Legally Blonde: Film Analysis

    woman I am now, showing me to stay strong, and have a positive outlook on life when things are not the way you want them to go. Elle Wood, the main character had her share amount of rough times through out the film. She was able to stay strong and have a positive outlook, which lead her to accomplishing her goals, even with these rough obstacles in her way. It was clear to me that as a young female, that adulthood would be hard, and the only thing you can do is stay strong and…

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  • Reflective Essay On Marijuana

    People tend to know when one is high, generally because of the squinty red glossy eyes and then they tend to ignore and stay away from me in social situations. Also when I would smoke and get high during the school week caused me to waste hours of my time doing nothing when I could be studying to improve my GPA and maybe make the dean’s list or possibly start working out…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Adaptation To Western Culture

    coming here. So don’t panic and lose your motivation and faith. Just grab as much as opportunities to meet new people and talk to them. Every activity you attend could be the one that changes your college life. And if you are an introvert, it’s ok to stay at home for couples of days if you don’t feel like socializing. Don’t push yourself so hard and take it easy. Try to lower your expectation and move forward a little bit every day. There is a saying in Chinese, “a person cannot become a fatty…

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