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  • If I Stay Character Analysis

    if i stay Essay Have you ever had to make a difficult decision? Mia, the main character in if i stay did. Mia is a girl who loves to play the cello and grew up with her mom, dad and brother, Teddy. She was very different from her parents because they liked rock band music and lived that thrilling lifestyle whereas Mia liked classical music and was more confined. In the book and the movie if i stay Mia’s family got into a car accident and that’s when everything changed in Mia’s life. After the…

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  • Stay A Busy Schedule Analysis

    Staying organized will help to keep things simple. Having a plan will help to mentally prepare you for what lies ahead. Two ways to help stay organized and complete tasks are making sure you have a daily planner and to utilize a to-do list. After purchasing a planner, I recommend using different colored highlighters for each activity to help visualize what needs to be done. It also helps…

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  • Stay Out Of Jail Analysis

    “If you break the law, you’ll go to jail.” This is something I’ve always been taught and because of it I’ve done my best to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. However, it wasn’t until I got older that I learned that there was more to this saying. I learned that the saying was more of warning to people like me because for a lot of people once you are in the system, you will never be able to get out. This could be due to a lack of support for most people but for others it can be due to a…

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  • Columbus Stay Home Analysis

    Portfolio Entry # 1: Columbus Stay Home We should assess the legacy of Columbus by celebrating and mourning on what he did. If Columbus didn’t discover America, we wouldn’t be populating the Americas as we speak. Columbus also brought Europeans to the Americas. He also did several other things such as promote wealth and prestige. He promoted curious thinking which revolutionized future generations and also he provided the sense of adventure throughout the Americas. He also started the ‘Age of…

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  • Should Juveniles Stay In Prison

    The education level shows that better preparing juveniles can possibly have a different outcome in the long run. If the juveniles stay in school, there can have a positive outcome and schools can have a huge role in the process. Better programs for juveniles should be in place; these can potentially turn their life for fresh start, training in a specific field can offer the opportunity…

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  • Why Is It Important To Stay Active?

    will improve my health for my old aging body at the age of 70 is making me think of solutions for motivation and improvements I will have to make to my current lifestyle. It also makes me realize that getting involved in help the seniors of today to stay active will just ensure a better life for them which could only do good, and where I think the best place to start is where it’s personal, my grand-parents. My only concern is if they will have the motivation to improve their lifestyle through…

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  • If I Stay Research Paper

    For This Essay, I Have chosen the movie also book “If I Stay” This is an inspiring Movie, which I will tell you more about as you read ahead. As you go through the sentences, you will see, things I described, about How “Mia hall” fights to survive, in a very difficult stage of coma, and how her Boyfriend, the love of her live “Adam Wilde” Helps her through the stage. In the beginning of the movie, “Adam” Loved her, but It was not until she was at the very point of dying, Adam notice how much he…

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  • Haymitch Abernathy's Stay Classy !

    [AUTHORS NOTE] I'm so stoked for this book! Be sure to vote, comment, and add you your reading list! Stay classy! _________ Early in the morning, and the District was already busy. Usually, around this time was when all the miners would be making their way to the mines for another day of work. But today, it was a different kind of activity that made the District seem both eerie and festive all at once. Sure, it wasn't a fun festive feeling, it was more of a depressing one-- you know,…

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  • I Want To Stay Quotes

    Everyone wants you to stay. I want you to stay more than I’ve ever wanted anything The book if i stay by gayle forman is about Mia Hall as she deals with…

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  • Should Immigrants Stay In America

    Mr. Trump has been talking about how immigrants should not stay in the USA and that they should leave. When a kid saw that Mr. Trump talked on TV, the kid asked the father, “are we going to leave the USA?” So this affected the kids by not focusing on their studies and more. . We have to let the immigrants stay. We are against Mr. Trump. He doesn’t have a good reason for sending immigrants back. Immigrants should stay for three reasons: they need jobs, they need safety and they bring good things…

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