Pros And Cons Of Student Athletes

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Athletes but Still Students
Everybody thinks that athletes can just breeze by school but in reality it’s far from that. For me this topic is something I can talk about, because I was a student athlete for years. Student Athletes doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. Everybody thinks they are not the smartest, that the teachers just hand them grades they didn’t deserve, and staying up with little rest. It doesn’t matter if you play football, baseball, basketball, or softball, or any sport you will have a select few that will think you’re just the dumbest person they know. But in all honesty we are far from that. In my senior class 95% of my class graduated in the top of our class. They might be some athletes that are slower than others
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Everybody you talk to will say your grades is most important, but as an athlete all you will think about is game day. I have always enjoyed being a student athlete but my school work would take a toll on me. As an athlete you have to be prepared for your sport that you’re playing, but most important your school work is what is the most important. It’s hard to judge your school work around your sports schedule and you’re held at high standards but in all honesty you’re working yourself to death. From running going over plays at practice you have hardly any time to study because you will have to do all your work from your other classes and in addition to that you’re exhausted. I have always found it no matter how late your practices are or if you have other test to study for the teacher isn’t going to base his or hers test on the athlete. Being an athlete you’re already placed on a pedestal and everybody looks up to you. With that being said you have to keep your grades up to a certain grade point average. Yes the student and the athlete are the same in the class room, but that’s not really how it is, your always being looked over by your teachers and most important your

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