Full Time Athletes Persuasive Speech

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It’s in the bottom of the seventh; your team is down by one, bases loaded. Your team is in the meat of the lineup, and you're up next. As you step out of the dugout, you take a deep breath, and you can smell the fresh popcorn and grilled burgers. You can feel the tension from both teams, each earnestly wanting to take the win home. You’re slowly making your way up to the plate, and you're hearing the faint cheers from the fans. But the voices that stand out the most to you are those of your coaches saying, “You’re here for a reason.” You step into the batter's box with confidence, moving the dirt around to be just right. This is it; it’s all depending on you and your bat. The pitch is thrown and it’s high, so you lay off of it. You step out for a second and gather yourself, easing the nerves. You step back in and get ready for the pitch. As it leaves her fingers, you can tell it’s the perfect pitch for you. You start to fall into your swing, and as you're pushing off your back leg, something is …show more content…
We are expected to be full time students while also being full time athletes. Morning practices start at 6 A.M., and don’t end until 7:50 at times, leaving very little time to get ready for that 8 A.M. class. Then there is practice after classes, and sometime between then and bedtime we have to find time to do homework. On top of everything else, we are required to have six hours of study hall a week; that, along with keeping our GPA above a 3.2, is mandatory. Now don’t get me wrong...playing sports in college is a huge privilege, and I love having the title of “Student Athlete;” but it’s also the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and our season hasn’t even started yet! But it's worth all of the work because of everything I've gained. I have learned so many valuable lessons from being an athlete: leadership, respect, courage, teamwork, how to be a teammate and a friend, and how to take care of my body

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