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  • Dominican Republic: A Short Story

    saw that said uptown. I thought that every uptown train was the same, so I ended up in Yonkers. The mere fact that I don’t have my parents close to me still makes me unhappy. They were always on my side in every moment of my life. Before coming to New York, I thought my parents were overprotective. I wanted them to back off. But now, I miss them. I miss them saying good morning to me, I miss my dad and mom’s jokes, and I simply miss their presence. I was starting to feel desperate and lonely. I…

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  • The Importance Of A Credential Manager

    created by the government that are dedicated to giving detailed information of each state professional credentialing requirement which varies state to state. It is the credential manager’s job to ensure that the healthcare professionals are qualified. If the credential manger fails to do this is could have a horrible outcome for the organization and patient. Finding Credentialing for the state of New York The New…

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  • Reflection Essay: Chickering's Theory Of Identity Development

    Once I transferred to Buffalo State, my college experience was enhanced and I began to develop competence. Author Chickering developed a theory of Identity Development in 1969 that identified the developmental and environmental issues college students face on a daily basis that influenced…

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  • Gossip Girl Play Analysis

    Gossip Girl (CW, 2007-2012) is a drama television series about a group of fictional wealthy teenagers living on the Upper East Side in New York City. It is based off of a book series by Cecily Von Ziegesar. Though the characters all attend the same prep school, the show mostly focuses on what they do in their non-academic lives. The drama portrayed in this series is more extreme than other comparable teen drama shows, such as The O.C or 90210. This is due to the controversial topics that are…

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  • Adventure And Discovery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

    “I’m going on an adventure!!”, this is what Bilbo described himself as he was running off into a new world from the Hobbit. The same can be said about an American. Though how does one simply be an American? This question can be taken in several ways, however one easy way to describe it is by experiencing it firsthand. By going on an adventure like never before, seeing the beauty of nature as you spring down the path, making friends along the way. That is what being an American is all about.…

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  • Retired Person Interview

    Conducting my interviews between a person with a disability, a retired person, a parent of a preschool aged child, an adolescent, I found that there are many differences between what they consider a meaningful activity. The occupations of these four different people are centered on what is important in their point of their life. These differences show that throughout one’s lifespan, your priorities and how you spend your life are destined to change. I first conducted an interview with a female…

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  • Health Care Field Experience Essay

    What if we lived in a world with no sick people? This is an ideal world that most people would like to be in. The sad truth is that this isn’t the case, my family saw this first hard on October 12th, 1993 when my brother passed away at the age of five. Even though I had yet to enter the world, I grew up seeing the emotional effect it had on my family. Till this day every year we light a candle once a year. My desire to prevent other families from having an identical experience was the Catalyst…

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  • Elements Of Courage In A Worn Path

    get seriously injured but she had the courage to continue and to get this medicine for her grandson. Also, many people try to knock her down and encourage her to turn back on her quest. A young white man finds her in a ditch, helps get her out, and states, “‘Now you go on home, Granny!’” But, she has the courage to keep going for her grandson: “‘I bound to go to town, mister,’ said Pheonix” (228). Nothing stops old Pheonix getting to town. She has the courage to get to town and accomplish her…

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  • Testwell Laboratories Case Study

    The New York Times reported that a year after New York City said it had a plan to re-test the concrete in many buildings as Testwell had failed to do, the re-testing had not been performed, consequently only on a handful of buildings. According to reporter William Rasbaum, sixty…

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  • Essay On Tandon School Of Engineering

    The New York University Tandon School of Engineering, is the second most seasoned private designing and innovation school in the United States. The school goes back to 1854 when its forerunner establishments, the University of the City of New York School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute, were established. The school's fundamental grounds is in Brooklyn's MetroTech Center, a urban scholarly mechanical exploration park. History On May…

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