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  • Emotion And Color In Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

    Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch artist born March 30, 1853 who moved to France at the age of 27 and became influenced by Impressionist art. Van Gogh’s work has immense emotion and color that helped influence art of the 20th century modern art; however he only sold one painting during his lifetime. Unfortunately, the renowned artist suffered from mental illness and spent most of his time agonizing at an asylum in Saint Remy, France where he painted portraits to convey his emotional and spiritual…

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  • An Analysis Of Thomas Hart Benton's The Wreck Of The Ole 97

    Thomas Hart Benton painted The Wreck of the Ole 97 uses a variety of elements and principles to highlight the importance and the realism in his piece. Benton uses lines to create the train,the people, and the plants which are mostly made from irregular lines.Because he painted shapes with irregular lines the figures are not geometric but organic especially the people and plants. He does paint few regular lines like the track, the train and the wagon. The track is made from one geometric…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

    The Starry Night. Kloss states: it is “majestic, expressionistic and unexpected. It is often cited as one of the most important precursors of German and Nordic Expressionism.” “At least one art historian has observed that it is more powerful, and more imaginative, than anything in later Expressionistic art, which proceeded from a similar charged vision of Nature (L44). Van Gogh’s work around this time was full of “passion and turmoil” yet his Starry Night is an extreme expression of…

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  • African Art Museum Experience

    two of the most popular museums in New York City to learn about African art and history did not seem of interest to me until I was forced to by the Summer Class I was taking at Pace. In my mind I kept thinking it was going to be a waste of my time when I could be enjoying my summer weekend in the city. However, I was mistaken and my breath was taken away from our history of humans to the African tradition and how it impacts us. This project showed me the connection of art and history in Africa.…

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  • Gustav Klimt's Hard Times Lead To Great Ends

    mother was a talented singer but never did anything about it. Gustav Klimt’s main focus of his work is on religion and love. Although, The Kiss is his most famous piece of art to this day, Death and Life is the most influential and inspiring piece he has ever made. After his graduation in 1883 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he started a company with his younger brother Ernest and friend Franz Masch. Company of Artist was sought out for. He, his brother and Franz primarily…

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  • Significance Of Diwali

    It is not just your typical night; it is a night which is brighter than day; a festival which is even visible from space, Diwali. ‘Deepavali’ is what Diwali was known as, it is derived from two words, deep as in a candle (light); avali means a row. Hence, the meaning of Deepavali is a row of lights; this has an ancient story behind it. Over a billion people celebrate Diwali making it the most observed holiday in India. On this day lanterns, electric lights and fireworks illuminate the night to…

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  • The Night Cafe Vincent Van Gogh Analysis

    Critical Analysis on The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh painted a painting called The Night Cafe. He used oil on canvas as his medium and used a 72,4 cm by 92.1 cm canvas. The subject matter of the piece is a narrative, and the setting takes place indoors. To be more specifically it’s in a cafe which contains many still lives such as clocks, tables, chairs, glasses, and much more.In addition to the still lifes there is also many people doing a variety of things…

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  • Discipleship Ministry Essay

    Introduction/ History Remembering one’s history is important in creating a productive and successful future. The Met does just that. During the early 1900s, the founding fathers of the Met experienced financial difficulties. These struggles helped orchestrate a new vision and inspired them to create an innovative PATH (prayer, attendance, tithes and offerings, and hospitable invitation), which continues today with nearly 1,100 members. The Metropolitan Baptist Church was established in 1917…

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  • Modern Art Business Model

    The Museum of Modern Art: Business Model Examination Report The Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern Art is a non-profit organization engaged in the business of acquisition and exhibition of modern art in various forms for children, adults, and other organizations. The museum was established in 1929 and is located in New York (Museum of Modern Art, 2016). Currently the museum contains, “almost 200,000 works from around the world spanning the last 150 years”, and it “includes an…

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  • The Third Of May Analysis

    The two artworks that will be discussed in this essay is The Third Of May which is a oil painting made in 1814 by Francisco Goya and The Butcher Boys wish is a 3D, mixed media ( bone, clay, plaster etc.) sculpture made in 1984 by Jane Alexander. The Third Of May creates a very dull mood. The artist has chosen earth tones, and there is a strong contrast of dark and light within the artwork. This dramatic lighting is seen through the focal point; the young Spanish man with his arm's…

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