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  • Margret Olley: The Archibald Prize

    portrait competition. It as named after JFA and was first awarded in 1921. His aim was to foster portraiture as well as support artists and preserve the memory of great Australians. William Dobell, painted fellow painter and beloved figure of Australian art, Margret Olley; and won in 1948. Margret Olley was also painted a second time by Ben Quilty in 2011, that too won the Archibald prize. Although The two paintings, use the same subject matter and title, they are both very different visually.…

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  • Nocturne Essay

    century artist, James Abbott McNeil Whistler. At first glance, one notices the simple yet elegant nature of this painting. The focus in this piece is put on the Thames River and the Battersea Bridge since they are at the forefront of the painting. This art work encompasses the beauty of the Thames River during night time, hence the use of the word "nocturne" in the naming of this piece. However, it is worth mentioning that this specific work can almost appear monochromatic due to the…

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  • Rene Magritte Influences

    Some of his paintings could be interpreted as self portraits (such as the men in bowler hats), others feature his wife Georgette, and their apartment in Brussels makes an appearance every so often. Magritte's art and development as an artist was influenced during his childhood was his encounter with a painter in a cemetery and state it was as if 'he were performing magic'. The second event being the suicide of his mother when he was 14, it is believed that the…

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  • Essay On Alphonse Promayet

    formal aspects, contextual analysis and the museum presentation of the following two paintings. Portrait of a Young woman with a Fan by Rembrandt Van Rijn and Alphonse Promayet by Gustave Courbet. The painting of Portrait of a Young woman with a Fan is created in Dutch in 1633 and it exhibits in gallery 637. The Alphonse Promayet is created in French in 1861 and it exhibits in gallery 809. Both galleries are on the second floor of the metropolitan museum of art. Each painting has its unique…

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  • Nighthawks By Edward Hopper: Painting Analysis

    Edward Hopper’s dark oil painting, Nighthawks inspired me. Nighthawks is something I never want the world to look like. His art inspired me to be the change. The dark colors used made New York City feel like a sad and lonely place. I wanted to change this. The city is bright, loud, and filled with energy and this art goes against what the city is known for. This is related to me because I am not a sad and lonely person. I deviated from the original to show my bright attitude. I used color to…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Funny Boy

    [11:09 PM, 10/31/2017] Funny Boy: The scene demonstrates us figures in a rectangular room with coffers on the roof and woven artworks on either side of the room. The room ends at three windows on end of wall and through the windows we can see the scene setting. the scene out of sight ends in a sort of misty, grayish skyline. This painterly device, in which the color of the horizon of the sky turns out to be more dull and dry, is known as aerial perspective and was utilized by Renaissance…

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  • Analysis Of Starry Night

    To Create or to Not Create When I look back at the different periods of art, there are some that I admire. In those periods, I find artwork that is astonishing both in size and in artistic ability. I believe that I could have created Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889, because it is a piece that I enjoy to look at. I feel as though it speaks to me, and portrays somethings that I feel. However, I could never have created the sculpture St. Mark, by Donatello in 1413, because it was so…

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  • The Dreamer Painting Analysis

    Spanning the years 1765 to 1769, the French artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze painted The Dreamer in oil on canvas. His painting, The Dreamer is a beautiful example of Greuze’s talent in portraying emotion by successfully combining the elements of art which enhance the mood of the image. Greuze creates a well constructed composition through the use of line, color and light to convey the state of being at rest and nearing a peaceful slumber. His use of smooth, flowing lines which curve with the…

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  • Art Analysis: Le Mayeur

    would have had a glimpse of it, so as to capture the beautiful moments. In comparison to Le Mayeur - Temple Festival in Bali,the idea of change and revolution can be more evidently seen in the artwork Joy of life by Matisse. The idea of revolution in art is reflected from the expressive colours he uses in this painting and the form of fauvist style. He additionally utilizes exaggerated anatomy to express feeling in his artwork. He was also focusing to capture the mood of the scene rather than…

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  • Salvador Dalli And The Persistence Dali

    provocateur as much as for his undeniable technical virtuosity. In his early use of organic morphology, his work bears the stamp of fellow Spaniards Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. His paintings also evince a fascination for Classical and Renaissance art, clearly visible through his hyper-realistic style and religious symbolism of his later work” (“TheArtStory”). Dali sometimes painted things he saw in his dream, for example, one of his famous masterpieces that were depicted in a dream is The…

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