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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Edward R. Murrow

    Speech #1 Edward R. Murrow, a CBS reporter and war correspondent delivered a report from Buchenwald, Germany on April 16, 1945. He delivered this dialect upon seeing the atrocities committed by the Germans towards the Jews. He addresses the American people, describing the scene he had witnessed at this labor camp, which he found the scene to be so unbelievable that he is rendered speechless many times through out his speech. Murrow’s outrage is so apparent through-out his account, that it is…

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  • The Milgram Experiment Summary

    In 1963 soon after the Holocaust, Stanley Milgram executed an experiment to document and test human behaviors. The test was to see how far and individual would go to inflict pain on another human when in the company of an authority figure. 40 subjects applied through a newspaper ad and were paired together as a teacher and student. The student however, was an actor stating he had a heart condition and was concerned the test would affect it. Before the test started he was replaced with a…

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  • Patch Adams Movie Analysis

    In the movie “Patch Adams” starring Robin Williams as Hunter “Patch” Adams, was such an eye opening movie to see such as “A Death of One's Own”. Patch Adams was an amazing movie and I am glad to have seen it due to its different viewpoints and uniqueness of the situation Patch Adams is in. It was also interesting because the movie is based on a true story and its hard to believe that with how crazy Patch Adams life seems. I definitely am going to rewatch this movie and show other people with it…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Film Analysis

    taken through the book by 15-year-old Alex whom along with his friends are described engaging in activities such as rape, violence, and theft until he is subjected to a form of conditioning that “cures” him of this violent nature. In 1971, director Stanley Kubrick adapted the novel into a film under the same title, A Clockwork Orange. Sharing the same theme as the novel, the film addresses the idea that although this character continuously chooses to commit acts of evil he has done so out of his…

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  • Kitty Genovese Research Paper

    Can someone intentionally walk away from a person in distress on the street? People assume that onlookers nearby will help the distressed person by assisting or phoning emergency services. Yet, most people will not lend a helping hand. For example, in 1964, there was a bizarre crime in New York City; a young woman named Catherine Genovese, commonly called Kitty, was murdered and thirty-eight onlookers witnessed the act and yet nobody came to her assistance or phoned the emergency services.…

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  • The Shining And It By Stephen King Analysis

    Stephen King’s novels The Shining and It are incredible examples of the exploitation of children in the 20th century horror-gothic genre. As American cultural historian David Skal notes, King’s novels “brim with fantasies of sacrificial children” (1993: 362). In The Shining and It, children play a significant role as victims who are being threatened by terrifying monsters. These monsters take very different forms but are nonetheless horrifying. The presence of the child in King’s novels must be…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Philadelphia Month Road Trip Starts

    Philadelphia Flyers Road Trip Starts. The Philadelphia Flyers are entering their biggest road trip of this season, starting off in Buffalo Tuesday night followed by a trip into Canada Thursday facing a young Toronto Maple Leafs squad before heading to the Boston Gardens. If ever a road trip offered the Flyers a unique opportunity to make up ground in the wild card standings, it's this upcoming three-game road trip to Buffalo, Toronto and Boston which begins Tuesday night at the Sabres.…

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  • The Characteristics Of Naturalism In A Streetcar Named Desire

    named Blanche DuBois, an aging woman who clings on to delusions of reality in order to maintain her sense of self-worth (Newlin 140). Blanche goes to live with her sister and her sister’s husband, Stella and Stanley Kowalski, where she upsets their relationship and violently clashes with Stanley, due to their inherent differences (Williams). Environmental…

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  • Symbolism In Streetcar Named Desire

    by Tennessee Williams, takes place in New Orleans around the nineteen-forties at the home of Stella Kowalski and her husband, Stanley Kowalski. Stella and Stanly live a very simple life in New Orleans. They have a very codependent and unhealthy marriage. Blanche Dubois arrives at her sister Stella 's apartment and comes off as being slightly judgmental at first. Stanley takes an instant dislike to Blanche and feels threatened by her because she really wrecks their marriage and the relationship…

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  • Theme Of Conformity And Obedience In Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 film that portrays the experiences of a prisoner who refuses to adhere to the orders given to him in jail. This inmate Luke’s rebellious behaviour is in opposition with the general sense of conformity illustrated by the other prisoners. An individual can choose to conform and be obedient to authority, or to be non-compliant which can result in severe punishment. This paper will examine how conformity and obedience are strictly enforced and how non-conformity is punished…

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