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  • Secularity In France

    Secularity in France targets the public sphere, the treatment of religious symbolism in French law raises issues of how the maintenance of secularity should go about in a nation, forcibly removing ‘visible religion’ from the public sphere, implies a lack of pluralism in a nation, laïcité then could be considered relatively undemocratic. What exactly was meant by ‘ostentatious’ is a matter of much debate, to what extent must a symbol of religious affiliation be ‘ostentatious’. This year, a 15…

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  • Foucault's Philosophies

    person’s private and public identity is the popularity of social networking sites. Internet users voluntarily participate in the public sphere, by using social media sites as a platform to inform people and/or be informed by others. Users of the internet are usually home in their private sphere, while on the internet interacting in the extremely public sphere. The usage of electronic devices, such as smart phones, has provided people from all over the world with the ability to access numerous…

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  • David Miller's Theory Of Sociology: Theories Of Social Justice

    Professor of political science Robert. B. Thigpen (1960) explains that in Walzer’s spheres of justice, principles of justice must be formed on a mutual understanding between the right and the left. He states that this is necessary in order to ensure that these principles of justice are regarded as “specific enough to guide behaviour and…

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  • Feminism And Multiculturalism

    3. Thesis Outline Part I of this thesis evaluates Susan Moller Okin's feminist critique of multiculturalism, which provides the basis for the argumentation of this thesis. Her provocative article, “Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?”, is often seen as the starting point of academic debate about the compatibility of women's rights and minority group rights. Nevertheless, this article is reviewed and analysed in Part I along with the rest of Okin’s work concerning the relationship of feminism and…

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  • Exercise 2: Observing Bacteria Cultures In Yogurt

    Exercise 2: Observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt Firstly, we created an incubator using a Styrofoam cooler with a removable lid and a small hole in the top which was used for placing a 7 watt light bulb in order to maintain a Microbe growing temperature of 35-37° Celsius. We also monitored the temperature with the use of a thermometer. A teaspoon of yogurt was then placed into a clean plastic container with lid. The container was then placed in the Styrofoam incubator, which was not…

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  • Women In The IT Field

    Men ruling and controlling just about the entire work force have brought up many disagreements and has led to numerous studies being done to determine why this is. With my topic, I decided to take it further to what I have encountered and also what I have read about men dominating the IT field. Women that enter into this field have found themselves feeling out of place and even being paid differently according to STEM statistics, even if they have the same knowledge as men (Beed, Ashcraft &…

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  • Inequality: A Feminist Analysis

    Inequality is illogical. The thought that a society would purposely incapacitate a subgroup of people within its own population is illogical. Especially, when that subgroup’s only differentiating factor is the subgroup’s identification within society. In other words, how a group of people identify within a society (and/or within the world) is the cause of their discrimination. Inequality is illogical because the very presences of inequality within a society limits that society. The…

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  • Critique: The School Of Athens By Raphael

    Critique; The school of Athens by Raphael There is this very distinct and most interesting piece of art that Raphael created this piece of art is called “The school of Athens.” This painting presents to us four design principles of the art. Given that he uses unity, rhythm, proportion and emphasis, he clarifies many ideas presented in this particular piece of art. However, the school of Athens has many things going on at once. The painting not only is focused on the people but in the place…

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  • Women During The Enlightenment Essay

    In today’s society we commonly refer to women as a “sex symbol”. Even if we do not literally say it, we see examples of it every day in the media. As we drive on the highway, we pass large billboards of headless women in little lingerie outfits. Generally, they are skinny, large-breasted women. When we watch a Dallas Cowboy’s game on the TV, we see shots of the Cowboy’s cheerleaders in their tight, skimpy, outfits jumping around and shaking their pomp oms. We see this sexual exploitation of…

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  • Most Famous First Ladies

    achieved great fame while many of equal or greater influence have been allowed to drop into obscurity. Two of the most famous first ladies are Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy, who made major waves in their respective political and social spheres; however, before these two first ladies made their impact, their predecessors paved the way for future first ladies’ progress. Before Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s reform campaigns, Lou Hoover pushed for feminist propaganda by delivering speeches…

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