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  • Taoism And Confucianism Case Study

    What six traditional Chinese beliefs and practices does Molloy specifically identify as having played a part in both Taoism and Confucianism? Describe each of these six briefly. Which do you think were probably most compatible with Buddhism? Why? Molloy’s Six Influential Chinese Traditions/Beliefs: Spirits- Ancient Chinese culture embodied spirits as being present in every circumstance of nature and the human world. Good spirits brought positive items to life. Bad spirits brought negative…

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  • Barbie's Failure In China Case Study

    Barbie’s Failure in China and Lessons Learned Introduction Businesses tend to secure themselves financially and overlook certain characteristics, prior to expanding into international markets. For the purpose of this critical analysis case study, international markets will be assumed to be foreign countries other than the United States and the various individuals of consumers that inhibit them. Culture is a broad and fairly vague concept. We should define culture as the values, beliefs and…

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  • Parental Pressure Case Study

    Parental Pressure Experienced by Chinese American High School Students According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic group of Asian demographic in the United States. Their population has been increasing tremendously by 37.9% in this decade (Hoeffel 15). Being one of the largest ethnic group in the United States, their presence has significant impacts on various aspects that relate to the overall development of the country, these include but not…

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  • The Bane Of The Internet By Ha Jin Analysis

    Yuchin is the unrealistic character of The Bane of the Internet, a short story written by Ha Jin. This story has an almost humorous tone as two sisters, one who lives in China and the other in New York, communicate with each other. This character and her older sister wrote and sent each other letters via the postal service as their main means of communication until they discovered email. The name of the older sister is unknown but this story is told through her point of view. The narrator is…

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  • In The Mood For Love Wong Summary

    Wong setting the story background in the sixties, uses close form to implicitly reveal that even though Hong Kong people’s living conditions were preserve the characteristics of Shanghai people; however, living in the complex historical movement, Su as a representation of younger generation are struggling to close to Hong Kong’s independent culture. In “Love in Ruins: Spectral Bodies in Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love,” Olivia Khoo writes, “Although Hong Kong’s status as a Special…

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  • Useless Film Analysis

    The film Useless by Jia Zhang-ke is a film like nothing I have ever seen before. The film is one in which Zhang-ke explores the many realities of Chinese culture; the culture that the Chinese receive from elsewhere, the culture that has been created by the exploitation of the working class, and Chinese culture from the perspective of the outsider (the viewer). By exploring three features of the clothing industry in China, Jia delicately explores the monetary and imaginative options of not just…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In Beijing, China

    You are getting ready to go outside and start your day until you realize its grey outside and you don’t know what it is until you step outside to check it out. Then as soon as you step outside you start coughing like you smoked a pack of cigarettes. This problem is affecting the people that live in Beijing, China of all ages from the elder to the young babies. “The worsening air pollution has already exacted a significant economic toll, grounding flights, closing highways and keeping tourists at…

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  • Learning Chinese Research Paper

    4 Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese While learning Chinese have become hugely popular around the world, more and more people are trying to learn Chinese, and many celebrities also learn to say a few words of Chinese, seem to learn Chinese is a very fashionable thing, but learning Chinese is not an easy thing, I think only strong motivation and sufficient interest can prompt you to overcome many difficulties and successfully acquire Chinese language. Of course, because learned Chinese, you…

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  • IKEA Management In China

    IKEA management in China The organization type in IKEA is flat organization which the gap between manager level and employee is little. IKEA facing the problem on management when they came to China because China is strong in hierarchy management. The power distance among the manager or leader with employees is very high. The manager or leader always received extremely huge respect from their workers in China. The workers just…

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  • China Myths Case Study

    Introduction The Global opportunity of business has companies in the forefront, vying to get the potential lead on an international level. Culture is defined as the sum total of beliefs, rules, techniques, institutions, and artifacts that characterize human populations. In China business culture is considered unique with the environment in China being structured through its government and its controls over the economic system. This structure can shape the behavior of a people and from…

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