Song Dynasty

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  • Song Analysis: Love Yours By J Cole

    Jermaine Cole’s best work. Although it was different, it did not disappoint its audience. One of the more underrated songs of that Album was “Love Yours”. This song starts off with a soothing steady beat with a undertone of sadness, but as it progresses it steadily builds suspension and builds rhythm and it brings your heart to a race. Every single of my alarms is set to this song for not only its soothing sound, but also for its theme of gratefulness making it my reminder every morning. “Love…

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  • Zhang Zeduan's Qingming Festival

    Qingming Festival is the masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan who is a painting artist in the Song Dynasty. The painting vividly captures the thriving life of people from Bianjing (Kaifeng), capital of the Song Dynasty. The entire painting was painted in hand scroll format, deployed the method of scatter perspective mapping, and bringing in varied landscape and numerous human characters all dressed differently. Moreover, with the development of a population of more than one million, it was really a…

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  • How Did China Influence Indian Ocean Trade?

    China’s trade growth began as early as the Han dynasty between 202 BCE and 220 CE. This era brought expansion of Chinese territory and new connections with the Indian and Parthian civilizations to the West. As Chinese technology and culture advanced, greater international interactions facilitated the growth of trade. The products exported from China were very high quality specialized goods and commercial crops, like silk, porcelain, and oranges. China’s control of the trade networks directed the…

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  • Ch Oe Malli's Argument Analysis

    culturally transformed by their rule. Had China remained its own state and continued to conquer surrounding nations as it did during the Han dynasty then his argument may have some validity. There is no definite way to know Ch’oe Malli’s knowledge on the extensive history of China as the stretch of the Chinese empire grew and shrank from the Shang Dynasty to Malli’s time. His ignorance of the issue could be a factor in his opinion but based on the available information today China had clearly…

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  • Yueyang Hsia Yung Analysis

    Since the Tang Dynasty in 716 AD, the Yueyang Tower has guarded the Northern gateway to the Hunan province, the point where the Yangtze River meets the Xiang River at Lake Dongting. The site, once a platform for the Wu Kingdom (222-250 AD) general Lu Su to train his naval troops1, offers a beautiful and strategic panoramic view of the surrounding area and a near bird’s eye view of the lake – one of China’s largest bodies of fresh water. The tower had already been through numerous…

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  • Importance Of Civilizations In The Pre-Modern World

    The Song ruled China from 960-1279. In 1279 the Mongols from the north invaded China. The leader of the Mongols was a famous emperor named Genghis Khan (ruled 1206-1227).. Genghis Khan started building alliances in Mongol tribes and tried to gain his authority…

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  • Dawn Blossoms Plucked At Duck Analysis

    Three-Flavour Study, ‘长文公’ is rendered as ‘Zhu Xi’ instead of ‘Chang Wengong’ (Lu, 2009). In fact, ‘长文公’ refers to Zhu Xi, a Confucian scholar in Song dynasty. ‘长文公’ is a particular Chinese address used in old China. Therefore, people in foreign countries are more likely familiar with the name –Zhu Xi because it is a name of a well-known person in Song dynasty. In this view, the translation is well done. Naturalization translation method refers to adopt a cultural term in the target language to…

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  • Chinese Exceptionalism Analysis

    This essay seeks to provide an answer to the question, is Chinese foreign policy exceptional. There are convincing arguments linking Chinese society with the notion of exceptionalism. Foot (2010, 129) points to claims of exceptionalist tendencies based on a long history of civilisation, specifically the concept of honour permeating through ideas of the tribute system, and the strong Han cultural identity. The case for an exceptional Chinese foreign policy lies with this use and potential misuse…

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  • Gambling In China Essay

    Unlike other Asian American communities, which usually struggles with poverty and unemployment, Chinese international students in America is one of the extremely unique groups. They tend to come from wealthy families and the number of these Chinese international students in the US is increasing exponentially every year. However, the community does face some issues that could potentially affect this huge population in the US. For instance, the Chinese love to gamble so much that it had been a…

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  • Shadowing Experiences And Influences On The Field Of Medicine

    1. Please briefly share the influences on your decision to pursue the field of medicine, including shadowing experiences and other medical related activities. 2. Please describe your interests, activities, hobbies, etc., outside the area of health sciences. 3. Please describe a role you have held in a meaningful group/peer-related activity. When I was small, my family and I lived in the developed and popular city of Mashhad. My dad who is a doctor, had at the time a small clinic that was…

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