Song Dynasty

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  • The Macartney Mission

    was portrayed by Giuseppe Castiglione and Jin Tingbiao, and the painting technique was largely affected by the Europe style (Elliott 108). In addition to the paintings, conquering the Muslim Uigurs and the Tibetans and incorporating them into Qing Dynasty (Marks 70) was another point that showed china was not “isolated”. Because the size of China was doubled, and there was an increasing cultural diversity. Moreover, In Qianlong’s early age, he learned Chinese traditional books as well as Manchu…

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  • Mongolian Culture

    became powerless. Yuan became known as the shortest lived of major dynasties lasting only from 1264 to 1368, a mere hundred years. The Yuan was overthrown by a peasant, Chu Yuan-chang, who led a rebel army again the Yuan in 1368. Therefore, Chu was able to declare himself the founder of a new dynasty, the Ming, because Beijing Khans lost legitimacy with Mongols in Mongolia, and Chinese regarded them as bandits, not a legitimate dynasty. Subsequently, Mongols were confined to their original…

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  • The Importance Of International Trade In The United States

    International trade is an important part of today’s economics. Everything we use today from our phones, our cars, our clothes and even the food we eat is because of international trade. America is dependent on global trade; in fact they are the world’s second largest importer. Main imports are: capital goods, which is 29% and consumer goods that is 26% ( Trade is extremely important in The United States. Imports in the US reached an all-time high of 240524 USD Million in…

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  • Elizabeth Tudor: Queen Of The Golden Age

    History to me is fascinating. The people of history lived in a completely different world than we do now, and it sometimes seems unrealistic to imagine their lives. For so many, history is just a list of facts and dates. If people were to really look closely at history they can learn about people, who were just like us, even though they lived in an entirely different era. To be able to connect to someone that lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, in a completely different world is utterly…

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  • Korea Cultural Influence

    Buddhism). However, Buddhism already made an establishment in the northern Goguryeo kingdom around the fourth century, having developed ties with the former Qin Emperor. And also in the Baekje kingdom “through its frequent interchanges with the Southern Dynasties.” (Hong, 189). But since Silla was relatively isolated, the evolution of Buddhism there started a lot later, around the fifth century. During Silla’s reign, the sarira caskets and other art pieces had been created ever since the…

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  • Indian Ocean Trade Dbq

    all across Asia. Asia was making a great deal of money off of these trade routes which helped them to build powerful and rich empires. Examples of this was the Han Dynasty of China and the Ottoman Empire which were very well off economically thanks to trade. This political power that was gained was not just due to certain dynasties or governments becoming more powerful however, much of it had to do with the communication between governments politically. Trade ended up helping the different…

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  • Legalism Vs Confucianism Analysis

    In Ancient China, during the tumultuous Warring States period, government leaders surrounded themselves with advisors, similar to medieval courts and modern cabinets. These advisors espoused their beliefs on how governments should operate, but more importantly, how leaders should act. Two seemingly diametrically opposed schools of thought rose to prominence: Confucianism popularized by Kongzi and Mengzi, and Legalism promoted by Han Feizi and Li Si. Although each camp acknowledged a hierarchical…

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  • Summary Of The First Opium War By Duncan Macherson

    In excerpts of Duncan MacPherson’s memoir of the First Opium War (April 1840-August 1842), Two Years in China, MacPherson describes the events of the war along with what he believed about China and its people. He justifies British actions in the Opium War and the British opium trade by claiming that describing Chinese people are inferior to the British. Other times, he compliments China, but possibly only for the purpose of justifying and promoting the opium trade. The memoir displays examples…

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  • Analysis Of The Boxer Rebellion, By Gene Luen Yang

    The Boxer Rebellion began in 1898 in the Qing Dynasty of China. During this rebellion there was an ongoing question of which side was fighting for the more “just” outcome because each had a very different opinion of what justice was. The Boxers were fighting against the British invaders and trying to unify China by ridding it of Christian influence. The foreigners were trying to make money by selling opium to the Chinese. Each side thought the other side is evil but they did not try to…

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  • Essay On Daoism And Confucianism

    Introduction During the age of the Hundred Schools of Thought, a term coined for an era from 770 to 221 BCE of significant cultural and intellectual expansion in China, a time when philosophers and schools flourished, Mohism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism each wanted to make a claim as to how Chinese civilizations should run. Mohism was founded by Mo Tzu (470 – 391 BCE), a Chinese philosopher whose thoughts were driven by notions of utilitarianism, who also established the School of Mo…

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