Influence Of Music In The 1960s

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Daniel Dolan
Mrs. Jankowski, p.7
American History III
February 23, 2016

How Did Music in the 1960’s change the public opinion during Vietnam As the War in Vietnam raged on the people in America started to turn against it. Protests and protest music fueled the youth of the generation, with only peace and happiness to offer. The protest movement actually prospered when famous musicians and celebrities joined the movement. However, this movement was not popular with the older generations because it completely went against the values and the principles that they were taught during the years of their childhood. This music helped create such a diverse and split up United States of America, causing a sort of Civil war atmosphere in the everyday
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This unknown increase was also proven after the release of the Pentagon Papers. Many protests broke out and some protesters were killed for professing their dislike for the number of men in the War, which “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young covered and told the horrid stories of the Protests at Kent State. Each song tells a story in its own way, providing its intake on a situation while in song but also gave the people a reason for hope. Music was like a safety beacon for those whose minds were broken during the era of the Vietnam War, doing its best to relate to every type of person. When more men were drafted and more men started to die, more and more people were against the movement and began to understand the worries and anguish that these musicians had for the men in Vietnam. These events caused people to become very angry with the Federal Government and the President at the time, Richard Nixon. Many started resisting the draft because they feared for their life, they were not aware of the circumstances until it was fully explained. The counterculture provided a way out for these men, an ability to start over. There were also many former soldiers who joined the anti-war movement because they experienced these horrible situations and saw many people die, they turned completely against the …show more content…
Many people were lead on to believe that the War was winnable and almost over but they were wrong. After the releasing of the Pentagon papers the people were shocked to hear that they were lied to by the Johnson and Kennedy Administrations about the severity of the Vietnam war. Protest music helped expose these findings in a way people understood fully and could make the most sense of. At this time there was a severe credibility gap between the American Government and the American people. The war had now turned from a fight against communism to a full scale domestic dispute of the Government vs. the people, people were being killed at home just like men were being killed on the battlefields of Vietnam. The United States had become a war zone due to disagreement and protest of the youth with its rebellious spirit fueled by Rock’n’Roll and many other protest

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