Impact Of Rock N Roll In The 1950's

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American society in the 1950’s illustrates a shift in the thinking, values and ideology. The emergence of popular rock n’ roll had a massive impact on America and reveals the changes made from the prior decade. Due to the persistent fear of communism and emotional instability caused by the Cold War, Americans in the 1950’s were in a constant state of anxiety. All Shook Up: How Rock ‘n’ Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler dives into the 1950’s to demonstrate the effect rock n’ roll had on different aspects of the American Society.

Rock n’ roll during the 1950’s was a way for integration and racial tolerance to be further advanced into society. It broke down social barriers and allowed for both black and white listeners to come together on a common interest. While African American music and styles were being nationally appreciated, rock n’ roll was considered “an act of theft that in
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The 1950’s was a time in which Americans concluded that rock n’ roll was the cause for society becoming “sexualized and teenagers addicted to the pleasure of the body”, a parent's biggest fear. The emergence of sexual tension that teenagers experienced lead to the idea of premarital sex. However, Americans were not ready to accept this and believed “reticence, and even ignorance, about sex was bliss”. Rock n’ roll musicians begun to blatantly sing about sex, but with respect to established relationships and roles. Rock n’ roll was expressed as “masculine and macho” music and sung about women being a man’s property. Altschuler points out that “the battle for Elvis’s body aroused advocates of sexual contamination and control.” With this introduction of sexually suggestive music and erotic dancing, the idea of sex in the society became acclimated. Prior decades had viewed sex as a forbidden fruit and was rarely discussed. Rock n’ roll introduced sex into everyday lives of the American

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