Mao Zedong's This Land So Rich In Beauty

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.“This Land so Rich in Beauty” is an ink paiting drawed by Guan Shanyue and Fu Baoshi in 1959. The calligraphy is not by either of the painters, but based on one of the poems written by Mao Zedong who is the chairman of the Communist Part. It is the decoration of the government buildings, the Great Hall of the People, and highly praised by contemporaries in all the immense collaborative paintings.(p.218, Art in China) The inscription on the top of the left is a sentence from the poem which named “Ode to Snow”. The picture is also horizontal division. The foreground is the mountains covered with lofty and strong pine trees, which represented the Chinese is dedicated to survive like pine. The montains and pines only covered one-third of the …show more content…
The form of first and third paintings are both from western country, and the second and the fouth painting is the original traditional Chinese painting. To use the different form to illustrated the painting, combine the mutiply cultures. The copper engraving of “The Battle of Oroi-jalatu” is hard to make, so it need detailed lines to construct a three-dimensional space. It is different with the traditional Chinese paiting, the use of the line is more complicatedand reified.The painting in “Painting Album of Master Gu” mostly use simple lines to illustrate the characters or animals in original painting, because simple and clear lines are easier to carved in the wood and printed as a book in the paper. As for the art, Western or Eastern is not isolated anymore, Xu Beihong well combined with each other, and by using the oil painting to draw the Chinese with traditional form, “Tian Heng and His Five Hundred Retainers” is a good example for this. Althought “This Land so Rich in Beauty” is an ink paiting in paper, it does not depend on its form like “texture strokes”, but on washes and on fixed-point

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